Why I like the Mennerlyn signing/next moves


some stat sheets he is not a Revis or Sherman. Being a CB is NOT always about INT's it is about overall production.

Lst year we had a D-coordinator that did nothing about what to do off the ball. The Captain was known for looking back and not taking stupid penalties and broke up as many catches that could have resulted in TD's or large gains. This is almost as valuable as a INT.

Now you take a guys who will not be afraid to hit. If doing his job he will see that the ball is not being thrown his way and move up to support the lone LB. This was not always a Greenway flaw. Nobody could Cook up some old time football tools. My WR is not going to be thrown to so I move up and support my OLB and we swarm on the ball carrier like bees to a honeycomb.

Coach knows this and is sick of the Tampa 2 and willing to switch defensive looks. Seattle was not a star studded D but, played agressively as one unit. Frazier knew this but failed to step in when he realized that Williams rep was built only on the quality of his past talent pool of players and te fact Manning put enough points up to assure a win. They learned nothing from him.

Little disappointed that we could not give up our 5th for Sproles. I always like Asiata but a guy like Sproles would have been good to have. Maybe we can grab a 3rd RB in the 3ed round.

Now for my total change in draft predictions. We will go for Mack -if available but there are 3 LB's ready to step in right away. I have a feelng we might go after McCarren by sliding up some. I loved his recent attitude. "I should be the highest QB in this drft. His injury might prove to be a blessing to us in 2 years

We were not tat fr off filling needs. Another thing is that if we are almost over why is it JA has had little interest. A little behind the table talk? It is very possible that we can give Jared 3 years at 21 mil nad with only one 1st rounder I think there may be cap space for draft picks and a sweet enough offer to Keep JA. There would be a parade along Hennipen if we got him back. It is a possibility.

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