Post free agency top 10 Mock and vikings draft plan

Well for the most part the free agency frenzy is over and things have help clear up the draft a little bit anyways. We still have 3 BIG QB's rated in the top 5 with a 4 on the cusp of being a top 10 pick. Bridgewater, Bortles, Manziel are those 3 with Carr hanging in the weeds, with 3 top tackles and a number of good defensive players. my top 10 as of today

1. Houston- Khalil Mack, OLB, Bufflo. Mack makes sense to pair him with Watt in a 3-4 scheme. Not only can he rush the passer but has shown decent zone coverage skills and above average ball skills for a LB. Clowney could've been the pick also but from a scheme standpoint he doesn't fit, and really will have to show he will play every down.

2. St Louis- Jack Matthews, T, T, A&M- Matthews is just the better overall tackle IMO, and has a better track record than Robinson at this point. I've seen the tape on Robinson and he is a great prospect but Matthews is more rounded in both pass and run protection where Robinson is more of a Run blocker at this point in his career. Matthews would've been a 1st rounder last year had he came out.

3. Jacksonville- Blake Bortles, QB, UCF- The 1st QB comes off the board here, as Gus Bradley tries to find his Heir apparent to Blaine Gabbert who was shown the door on Tuesday. Bortles has all the typical measures you look for in a QBOTF in size, arm strength, and mobility. Reminds me of a Ben Rothlisberger where he can stand up to the big edge rushers of the AFC south.

4. Cleveland- Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville- Cleveland grabs their franchise QB here, with Mack off the board and cutting both Weeden and Campbell the Browns couldn't be happier to see the top signal caller in the draft fall to them. Bridgewater is the "most NFL QB" now and will be the starter from day one. With Josh Gordon and Cameron Jordan to throw too he will settle in quickly.

5. Oakland- Johnny Manziel, QB, T A&M- The Raiders have been looking for anything to infuse some excitement into their franchise for the past decade. Finally out of the salary mess that Al Davis put them in and being active in FA a QB to fit the personality of Raider nation. Manziel is a free lance QB that is most effective outside the pocket throwing the ball deep on go routes. With WRs like what Oakland has and a decent RB in McFadden back in the backfield his would be a good fit for the kool aid known as Johnny Football

6. Atlanta- Greg Robinson, T, Auburn- Although he didn't go #2 he didn't have to wait long for his name to be called. Atlanta was injury depleted last year and without a decent line Matt Ryan couldn't get enough time to wipe the grass stains off let alone throw a ball. Robinson can play RT now and eventually move to LT within a few years. He will project a lot like Eric Fisher and can play right away, but is more of a zone blocker at this point in his career and has to work on pass blocking footwork.

7. Tampa Bay- Jadaveon Clowney, DE, SC- Adrian Claiborne hasn't lived up to his 1st round draftee hype and with the signing of Micheal Johnson the revive of the Tampa 2 is back in TB. They couldn't have asked for a better prospect, to play a 4-3 DE spot. Clowney has to show that he is motivated to play and not take plays off, LOvie Smith and Frazier should be able to get the most out of his kid that could turn into the steal at 6 if his head is right.

8. Minnesota- Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson We can go round and round with how much the Vikings need a QB we've beaten that horse enough. This WR core still needs playmakers even with Simpson resigning, Watkins is a game buster whenever he toaches the ball and paired with Patterson could be the most dynamic WR duo in the NFL. Jennings is injury prone and 32 at the end of the season adding some youth to this position is the best case scenario if you cant trade down.

9. Buffalo- Mike Evans, WR, T, A&M- Buffalo gets the big physical WR to complement Robert Woods. Quiet possibly the strongest WR in the draft no one brought down more lob passes the last 2 seasons than Mikes Evans due to Manziel just throwing it up for grabs. Evans would be a good safety net for a young EJ Manuel and helps to spread the ball around more

10. Detroit- Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St, how many years have we all been mocking corners to Detroit? Well this one might be hard to pass up, Gilbert is one of the best corners to come out since Patrick Peterson. Naturally flows to the ball and makes plays in the open field. If the Lions can add a premiere DB that defense might finally live up to its potential

So there is the top 10, as for our Vikings The 2nd to 3rd round will be the place to watch to see where we pull the trigger on a QB. With QBs like McCarron, Garapolo, Mettenberger and Aaron Murray going in that range they wont need to play next year with Cassel and Ponder at the Helm. If you don't land Watkins you need to add WR depth somewhere in the next few rounds along with a Guard and RB on the offensive side of the ball. On defense you need to come away with a CB, LB, and S it will be a fun draft to watch with all the depth there will be a lot of trading going on and like the NCAA tournament no one will have a perfect bracket

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