Mak07's Off-Season Plan 3.0

I did my first plan about a month and a half ago. And I'm not going to lie. I don't like it.

This will be my new and improved off-season plan, with one or two more free agent signings and the upcoming draft.

First, in Free Agency-

I would bring in Henry Melton if we can make it work. We have the money, so I think it's entirely possible to get the guy. If we don't, I think we'll bring back Kevin Williams. Melton would probably require a 5/25ish deal while K-Will could probably be had for a 2/7 deal. For the purpose of this plan, I'll go with Melton because he's younger and we have the money.

Sign Henry Melton (5 years, 26.5 million (14 million guaranteed))

Next, I think we'll sign a DE just for depth at the position. We really don't have much beyond Everson Griffen and Brian Robison. I think we'll try to get a guy like Robert Ayers. I'm not sure what he'll command, but he's 28 and has never lived up to expectations.

Sign Robert Ayers (3 years, 14 million (6 million guaranteed))

Sign La'Rod Stephens Howling (1 year, 1.5 million)

Now... On to the draft.

Round 1, Pick 8- Justin Gilbert CB Ok. State

My Big Board right now would be as follows for who I believe could possibly by there at #8: Mack, Johnny Football, GIlbert, Watkins. Mack and Johnny are off the board, so we take Gilbert.

Round 2, Pick 40- Shayne Skov LB Stanford

Our Defense will be the focus of the draft, with most holes on offense filled (with the exception of maybe Guard)

Round 3, Pick 72- A.J. McCarron QB Alabama.

This is more of a gut feeling than what I want them to do. I have Jimmy G & Zach Mettenberger on the board still, but I think there's something to the report that we like AJ. We'll see I guess. I do think they go QB here though.

Round 3, Pick 96- Jimmy Ward, S Northern Illinois

A guy I really think is underrated, and he has been slowly moving up draft boards I've been looking at.

Round 4, Pick 104 Brandon Thomas, OG Clemson

Round 5, Pick 136 De'Anthony Thomas, RB Oregon

Round 6, Pick 168 Devin Street, WR Pitt

Round 7, Pick 200 Brock Vereen, S, Minnesota

Depth Chart:

QB: Cassel, Ponder, McCarron

RB: Peterson, Stephens-Howling, Thomas

FB: Felton, Ellison

TE: Rudolph, Ford, Ellison

WR: Jennings, Patterson, Simpson, Wright, Smith, Street

OL: Kalil, Johnson, Sullivan, Fusco, Loadholt, Baca, Murphy, Berger, Thomas

DL: Griffen, Floyd, Joseph, Robison, Melton, Ayers, Baker

LB: Greenway, Cole, Skov, Mauti, Brinkley, Hodges

CB: Rhodes, Gilbert, Munnerlyn, Robinson, Cox, Prater

S: Smith, Sanford, Raymond, Ward, Vereen

What do you think? I went defense-heavy, and I think that's what we'll do. Truth is, nobody knows what Rick will actually do, but think is my best guess.

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