Joe Webb and Johhny Manziel aren't that different.

Okay first: I believe in Joe Webb... so I have a bias there

- Webbx_medium


Joe Webb vs. Johnny Football

Height: 6.3 / 6.0

Weight: 226 / 207

40 time: 4.73 / 4.68

******Projected Round 4-6 / 1st (possibly 1st overall)

Hand Size: Both are said to have tremendous incomparable hands


Joe Webb:

Key statistic: Only player in NCAA history to pass for 2,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons.

College highlights: Honored as Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year in a vote of league's coaches after prolific senior season. Finished as nation's top rushing QB with 1,427 yards in 12 games. Ranked fifth nationally in total offense (310.5), 10th in rushing (118.9) and 12th in passing efficiency (150.7).

Upside: Superb athlete who set school record with 2,774 rushing yards. Passed for 5,771 yards despite playing only two seasons as QB. Has a chance to be lethal in Wildcat formation. Big-play threat with every touch. Led nation with 53 carries that produced 10 yards or more in 2009.

Coach's quote: "I don't see how anybody in America could be thought of more highly than I think of him. If you look at his measurables, that speaks for itself. And, after being around him, he's an extremely hard worker and a great competitor. I think he's a big-time guy." —UAB coach Neil Callaway

-Webb, who is 6'4" 220-lbs, is a multi-dimensional athlete. He has outstanding arm strength, huge 11 inch hands, and had an improbable, but memorable pro-day that cemented his status as one of the premiere athletes in the draft.

Webb ran a 4.40 40 yard dash, had an 11'05" broad jump, did 21 reps of 225-lbs and had a 42-inch vertical leap.

Those numbers make Webb a uniquely explosive athlete regardless of the position he plays.

The fact that he is capable of playing wide receiver, quarterback in the Wildcat, or as a traditional quarterback make Webb a very special asset in the era of a 53-man roster.


Johnny Manziel:

Based on tape study, NFL Films' Greg Cosell believes Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel faces long odds of success in the pros because his game is so reliant on "making plays outside of structure." On tape, Cosell was taken aback by "how many balls (Manziel) does not throw to open receivers," and that he abandons the pocket even when he "does not need to." Opined Cosell, "I think it's very hard in the NFL to live on the edge when you don't need to. If you live on the edge too often, you will fall off the cliff, in my view, in the NFL." Cosell believes Manziel's tendency to move and/or abandon the pocket is not comparable to Russell Wilson's, who does it in a "structured" manner. "When it's third-and-six, and Russell Wilson sees he can run for eight yards and get a first down, he just runs for eight yards and gets out of bounds," Cosell explained. "There's a purpose to his movement. Now I'm interpreting Johnny Manziel on film, but quite frankly, when he moves I see a guy who moves, and then tries to figure it out. And I'm not sure that that works in the NFL." Mar 1 - 11:40 PM Source: Ross Tucker Podcast
- Manziel's ability to keep plays alive with his legs, forcing teams to defend him from sideline to sideline. I would think that the dual-threat success of Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton in recent years has done nothing but help endorse Manziel's unconventional game. Perhaps, as the scouting season wears on, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, UCF quarterback Blake Bortles or South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will emerge as talents too great to pass up, or Manziel's maturity issues will scare away

Read More:
-So yeah both are athletic freaks, scramble make plays with feet..... Webb is a little bigger, Manziel more successful

-But both are different than a pocket passer. So isn't it a little laughable to see how the Webb situation turned out, if Manziel become say a Hall of Famer.... That's okay we got some good plays out of Ponder & Cassel. And just a heads up I just want to see what the rest of you think of the comparison.... and please don't hijack the post with a bunch of anti-Webb gifs/photo's

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