2014 Vikings 7 Round Mock Draft.

Hey guys I've seen some pretty bad mock drafts as of late so figured I would give it a shot. I'm pretty new to this site and this is my first fanpost it is also my firstmock draft. Don't be too hard on me! Feedback would be appreciated though!

2014 Viking Mock Draft:

Before we do this let me put out a disclaimer: These are the picks I would make if I was the general manager these are also based off who I think will be available at each spot. With that said let's get started!

1st Round: (Trade Down to 17 with Baltimore) C.J Mosley, MLB, Alabama. At this junction I do not believe that one of the top 3 QB's will be available at 8 so in this scenario the Vikings Trade down. Baltimore is in the market for a WR so they'll jump ahead of the Bills and Lions to grab WR Mike Evans, swapping 1st rounders and sending a 3rd rounder the Vikings Way. C.J Mosley is probably the best player nobody talks about. He's a very athletic and versatile linebacker with the ability to play inside or outside linebacker. He's a thumper in the run game and strong in Pass Coverage. Mosley would bring the instincts and play making ability that the Vikings have lacked at the linebacker position for quite some time.

2nd Round: David Yankee, G/OT, Stanford. The Vikings chose the bring back incumbent Charlie Johnson, but he won't be the starter. Charlie Johnson was the weak link on an otherwise solid offensive line and should be replaced. Enter David Yankee, a versatile linemen who can play Gaurd or Tackle. He is a mauler in the run game and has a good understanding of pass protection as well. He would be an instant upgrade over Charlie Johnson and will help Matt Kalil rebound from his sophomore slump.

3rd Round: Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU. Finally the Vikings get a Quarterback! Mettenberger is a first round talent who is available in the 3rd round due to an ACL injury he sustained in the last game of his college career. The Vikings resigned Matt Cassel so Mettenberger won't be rushed into action and can rehab to 100%. When you watch him on film the first thing that stands out is his Canon for an Arm. He can stand in the pocket and deliver a bomb, that kind of arm and size (6'5") make Mettenberger a perfect fit for Norv Turners vertical offense. What Mettenberger lacks in foot speed and scrambling ability he more then makes up for with accuracy and poise in the pocket. The Vikings finally get their Quarterback.

3rd Round (Via Baltimore Trade): Stanley Jean Baptiste, CB, Nebraska. Although the Vikings went out and signed Captain Munnerlyn they're not quite done rebuilding the secondary. With Munnerlyn operating primarily in the slot the Viking need a big body cornerback to pair up with Xavier Rhodes on the outside. Enter Stanley Jean Baptiste. Standing at 6' 3", Baptiste fits the Richard Sherman mold perfectly. He has great ball skills (12 passes defended and 4 INT's last year), and the size to press and compete with the huge WR's (Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshal, Alshon Jeffry, Jordy Nelson) in the NFC North. He needs a little coaching up sure but Mike Zimmer has had success with DB's with outstanding upside in the past and it is my belief that he'll try to do it again with Baptiste.

3rd Round (Via Seattle/Harvin trade): Telvin Smith, SS/OLB, Florida State. The Vikings are actually pretty solid at safety. 3rd year starter Harrison Smith is a stud meanwhile Sanford is a contributor as well. However that doesn't mean the Vikings can't get better. Telvin Smith is similar to Kam Chancelor, SS for the defending SuperBowl Champions. Smith played outside linebacker (like Chancelor) in college but his skill set is better suited for Saftey at the next level. Fluid athlete and a punishing hitter. Telvin Smith would bring a nasty streak to a Vikings defense that sorely needs some attitude.

4th Round: Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee. The Vikings have a lot invested at defensive tackle right now. They recently signed Linval Joseph to be the anchor for a line that hasn't had one since Pat Williams retirement and the other starter; Sharif Floyed , was a first round draft pick of the year before. So why would the Vikings add another young tackle to the fold? Depth, upside, and he's the best available player at this point. McCullers is a huge man at 6' 8" 350lbs and plays the same run clogging style that Joseph does. What better way to keep Joseph fresh then to have a starting caliber backup nose tackle. If Jesse Williams fell to the 5th round last year I don't see why McCullers wouldn't be available in the 4th round.

5. Dri Archer, RB, Kent State. With Toby Gerharts departure that leaves a spot open underneath Peterson. Norv Turner has been know to deploy a "Scat Back" in the past to rest the workhorse and to utilize mismatches on passing downs (Like he did with Darren Sproles in San Diego). A "Scat Back" is typically a smaller back with great vision, speed, elusiveness and hands. What better option for a "Scat Back" then the Darren Sproles clone himself, Mr. Dri Archer. Archer is a small back at 5' 8" 175 pounds and could never be an every down back. But running an official 4.26 40 yard dash, and returning 3 kicks for Touchdowns last year make you a matchup nightmare for defenses. Could you imagine the amount of screens we would see between Archer and Patterson? It's a scary thought..

6. Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech. I know, I know. What could he be thinking? Two Quarterbacks, the latter having been horrible in college? But hear me out. What do you look for in the 6th and 7th rounds? Players with exceptional physical traits. And Logan Thomas is just that. Standing 6' 6" 248 lbs and running a 4.61 40 yard dash is the definition of physical ability. Add in the fact that he can throw the ball the length of the field and you've got something. The drawback with Thomas is of course he sucked in college. No seriously, he was awful. He has all the natural ability in the world he just has no idea how to play Quarterback. His decision making is flawed, his footwork is ugly and his accuracy is spotty at best. Put it all together and you have a recipe for disaster. How ever with Christian Ponder on the last year of his deal the Vikings should be in the market for a high upside project QB. Norv Turner has had a lot of success with Quarterbacks in the past and might be able to work some magic on Thomas, Turning him into a serviceable back up and possibly even a potential starter. Down the line if Thomas develops right the Vikings might even be able to entertain the thought of Trading him for a pick much higher then they payed to get him. Even of he doesn't develop he can't possibly be a worse 3rd string QB then Ponder can he?

7th Round: Colt Lyera, TE, Oregon. Again fallowing the logic of upside vs. production in the later rounds this pick makes sense. The Vikings cut John Carlson a few weeks ago and while I like chase ford I just can't pass up first round talent here. The reason Colt Lyera is available at this spot is due to his off the field issues, stemming from his Drug Abuse, suspensions, and academic concerns. While that scares a lot of you (it scares me too) he was a stud when he played at Oregon. Playing at 6'4" and running a 4.61 40 yard dash only tells you part of the story. Lyera is very gifted receiver with soft hands and a nack for getting open. The Vikings could use Lyera in two tight end sets or even just let him grow and mature behind Rudolph for depth. Hopefully if given the chance Lyera can get himself back on track and become a contributor, if not the Vikings have very little invested in him and could cut him when ever they deemed him unmanageable.

Well there you have it, that is my mock draft for the Vikings. Tell me how you think I did, what I got wrong and right. If you made it this far congratulations you are a trooper. Thanks for reading,

Jake Wirtz.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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