True/False about the Vikings

I don't really have a specific audience in mind for this piece, so I just thought I would write some thoughts down about discussion topics we have had previously here on the Daily Norseman.

1. False: We need another safety

We have a perfectly fine tandem of safeties in Harrison Smith and Jamarca Sanford/Sendejo/Raymond. Like it has been said, if Sanford ever becomes the weakest part of the Vikings defense A) The Vikings are doing something very right and B) Then I would have no problem with replacing him, because then the first place to upgrade would be that strong safety position.

2. True: The Vikings should find a replacement for Charlie Johnson

Johnson was without question the weakest player on the offensive line last season, and his play hurt us more often than helped us. However, if Charlie Johnson is the weakest player on your offensive line, you are doing something very right. I would have only slight qualms about Johnson starting another year at Guard, providing the Vikings have already on the roster, or are planning to pick up through the draft, his eventual replacement. As I believe it would be a good idea to give the new body a chance to get acclimated to starting (so we don't have the disaster of Fusco in his first year repeated on the other side of the offensive line, Johnson would be a good transition player for the next young player along the offensive line to step in and perform.

3. False: Captain Munnerlyn will return punts

I just don't see this happening. Munnerlyn did not return a single punt in 2013, and the Vikings just gave out a $2M+ deal to Marcus Sherels, who is one of the best return men in the business. He would be a good punt return backup, but no, I don't see him returning punts.

4. False: "I just know the Vikings are going to be picking between ___ and ___!"

Really? How do you know that? Do you have magic powers or something? If you do, the F(*& are you using them to predict draft picks for? You could be winning the lottery with that s^&%!

5. False: Mettenberger is a good pick for the Vikings

Wikipedia's definition of Turner's Air Coryell system is: "It is a very sound, QB friendly scheme that favors taking controlled chances, like quicker midrange post passes to WRs off play action rather than slower developing passes that leave QBs exposed." This system, according to Arif Hasan's blog post earlier in the year, fits quarterbacks like Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater fairly well. One of the quarterbacks that it doesn't seem to fit would be Zach Mettenberger. I made a fairly detailed comment about Mett yesterday, and here are some of the finer points from the scouting reports I used:

"Decision making and consistency on the field are erratic; still green mentality and does not consistently display the awareness to go through his reads and progressions. He struggles under pressure and forces throws when the rush is in his face; needs to develop a better awareness for the pass rush. Lacks mobility and at times can be considered a stationary target with his lack of escapability to buy time. Won't beat a defense with his legs and doesn't have the mobility or agility to evade the rush or climb the pocket quickly."

Mettenberger does not seem to have the correct skill set for the Norv Turner offense, and if the Vikings do select him as their QBotF, I will be very worried about the direction they are planning to take the offense in the future.

6. False: Deep ball accuracy is an absolute must for a QB

Sorry for everyone who thinks this, but deep ball accuracy is not, and should never be, the reason to either select or not select a quarterback. Quoting from Arif Hasan, "There isn't an extremely high bar for arm strength as quarterbacks, even in deep passing offenses, rarely throw the ball over 35 yards in the air or need to throw deep with more velocity than touch, but it's still more of a need in this system than in others" (Link). Here is a good article on deep passing attempts, accuracy, and yards per attempt. Surprisingly, Russell Wilson is one of the top deep passers in the NFL, despite what is generously considered a weak wide receiving corps. Finding the right QB who is capable of putting touch on the deep passes as well as accuracy on the short passes is a must for the Vikings future.

7. True: Joe Webb is gone

Thank god for that. Bye bye Joe Webb, and good luck in Carolina.

Well, if you can think of any of your own truths, post them below in the comments. SKOL!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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