Minnesota Vikings: Offseason Priorities

How can the Vikings turn themselves around as quick as possible and become a solid playoff team?

Before going to my first article, I would like to introduce myself. First off my name is Karan (I'm a man, don't push it.) And I'm an Indian living in Panama. And when I say Panama, I mean Central America.


A geography lesson!


Anyway, I've been a Vikings fan ever since I learned how the sport worked, but I'll leave this story for another day. This is my first article and I'm sure you will find controversial thoughts ( but then again, when don't you.) And I hope you are able to enjoy this. My articles from now on will be of this sort so, knock yourselves out.

As the Vikings prepare to rebound from an atrocious 2013 season, Rick Spielman and Co. must turn this ship around quick and in order to do that, the team must be rebuilt. The first and what many think is the only step, is the off season. With new FAs seeming to appear everyday and draft stocks changing constantly, there is a difficulty when distinguishing the busts from the hits. I will mention the priorities I believe the Vikings should have as soon as the new season year begins, and those are (in no particular order) :

1. Re-signing Everson Griffen



Everybody seems to be talking about bringing in Michael Johnson, but the thing is, he ain't gonna come cheap. I really don't think Johnson is the right piece at this moment. Giving him a contract which will limit our cap is not the best option. Griffen will definitely come cheaper and honestly, he likes Minnesota. He makes plays almost every time he gets the chance. I rather have the team re-sign Griffen and sign Verner and really help solve two holes than signing Johnson and having to settle for low-tier players. The truth it, the Draft is always the right path to take but Free Agency is also a huge boost. I will be talking about free agent signings soon, but Griffen is the number one priority when it comes to signing and re-signing players. Once this is done, we can start talking about Verner, Raji, Asamoah, Carroll, etc.

2. Getting the right signal caller


Could he step his game up and revive his career?


Clearly, this team needs a QB. And without one, the Vikings can only watch a Superbowl ( or sign with the Seahawks and win one. Yeah Percy, you heard me.) One thing is for sure. Free Agency is NOT the answer at this position. So, no Vick, no Cassel (yes. Controversy) and PLEASE no Sanchez. I'm sure the first thing you are all thinking is getting a veteran to help our rookie groom. Cassel is not the veteran we need. This leads me to the point of the article which I will get insulted for. Who is the other player we must resign? Josh Freeman.

"Whaaaat, this Indian is insane. Let's report this article, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about."

I get it, but give this a chance. Cassel is gonna want starting money. He had a shot to become a solid starter and frankly, he did an average job. We can't just give the starting job to whoever the rookie is, he HAS to win the job and that is why I strongly believe Zimmer must hold an open competition between all 3 QBs. Freeman, Mr. Rookie, AND Ponder. Freeman deserves a legit shot to start and I strongly believe in his ability. If he ends up working out, we have solved our QB problem.

I really think the idea I just sent is a bit complicated. In summary, draft a QB and re-sign Freeman. Make the all of them compete. Best one, starts. Cassel is NOT the answer. Freeman? I really don't know. But he has the talent and I rather take a chance with him and have him prove his worth than just give Cassel the job for a year or until he screws up.

3. Revamping the team's secondary



When I mean revamp, I mean tear it down. Robinson is useless. I hope Zimmer can make him an average defensive back at least because quite frankly he's been really bad since joining the team in 2012. He does have more INTs than Cook (then again, I have as many INTs as Cook and I'm 18 years old.) The dream scenario would be to draft a CB in the 2nd or 3rd round, sign a guy like Verner and re-sign Cook just for depth. It is very likely that won't happen. As some of you may have heard, Browner is available in free agency and the team has also shown an interest in former Dolphin CB Nolan Carroll. Signing one of them, or maybe both, along with a draft pick and Robinson would make this secondary pretty darn good. With Rhodes and Smith becoming dominant players and a rising star in Sendejo, the Vikings just need to put in some guys who won't get burned every god damn play.

I haven't talked about the linebacker corps and I really won't do it much. But I feel like I have to touch the topic. Greenway has to go, unless his contract can be restructured. We have some young guns already on the roster with Hodges, Mauti and Cole. The team has to draft a linebacker but I really think we shouldn't do it with that #8 pick. If there is no QB available at 8, trade down, and get a linebacker but stack up picks. I rather have 10 solid picks in "the deepest draft in 10 years" (Mayock) than trade up and have a guy who could be a bust and probably lose picks for next year's draft.

I really hope you enjoyed the article and are able to find it informative. Again, it isn't a piece of art but I hope it does send the message and that you find it useful. All criticism is highly appreciated, I hope I just don't get booed on my first "rodeo."

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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