The Most Ridiculous Minnesota Vikings draft of the last 10 years. Period.

The 2014 NFL draft season is upon us, and with it comes a cloud of dust leaving leaving no real set in stone picks.

Now, with all of us here being Vikings Fans, we all know just how poorly last year failed to meet expectations. I come to you with a possible instant turnaround scenario for the Vikings this coming season.

THIS IS A PURE HYPOTHETICAL AT IT'S FINEST, so do lay easy, alright?

The top half of the 1st round WOULD play out like this in this scenario

1st Pick- Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina - Houston Texans

2nd Pick- Greg Robinson OT Auburn - St.Louis Rams

3rd Pick- Blake Bortles QB Central Florida - Jacksonville Jaguars

4th Pick- (TRADE) Detroit Trades with Cleveland, there 10th, 45th, and 111th ( all in 2014 draft) To get, SAMMY WATKINS

5th Pick- Now the Raiders are a tough one here, They have 3 voiced opinions on the players available here, Mike Evans, Khalil Mack AND Johnny Manziel. The Raiders are very hard to figure out during the draft ( See DJ Hayden 2013 Draft, Jamarcus Russel 2007 Draft, and Sebastian Janikowski 2000 Draft) So i'll do the raiders a favor and pick the one I truly think they'll pick, Mike Evans. 1377453119198_medium


6th Pick- Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M - Atlanta Falcons

7th Pick- The Buccaneers have a good chance they can trade back here in this situation they are represented with, Unless they are In love with Manziel, Mack. They could very well think that Barr is a better option and trade down a few spots and still get Bridgewater and or Barr. They'll take Teddy Bridgewater here though.

8th Pick- This is, whether you like it or not, JFF, Mr. ICE CREAM!!!,or Just plain old' Johnny Football himself gets drafted, by the Vikings



9th Pick- Eric Ebron TE North Carolina - Buffalo Bills, I think EJ Manuel needs one more weapon to play with, then he may take the next step.

10th pick- Derek Carr QB Fresno State- I believe they like Carr enough to take him here, they will have a reasonable chance to land a Great WR with there 26th Pick later in the draft ( Robinson, Beckham Jr, Lee etc.)

11th Pick- Louis Nix III NT Notre Dame - Tennessee Titans, they really need a big fat guy in the middle, Nix gives them just that, with the ability to be the best DT in the draft after he finalizes his rehabilitation process.

12th Pick- Taylor Lewan OT Michigan - New York Giants, Need I say more? That O-Line is Hideous.

13th Pick- Ha'Sean Clinton-DIx FS Alabama - The Rams land a great Safety for years to come with this pick

14th Pick- Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh - The Bears need a new DT after Melton left for Dallas, this guy fits perfect.

15th Pick- Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan State- The Steelers secondary is slow and old, this will be a good replacement for Ike Taylor.

16th Pick- (TRADE!!!) The Slide stops here for Khalil Mack, the VIKINGS Land there OLB for the next 10 years here and they do so by trading there 2nd round pick and there 2015 1st Round Selection.



So what do you think? Leave any and all hate or praise in the comment section.

I checked and double check that the trades will be Feasible to go through with, although the points add up, that by no means, will indicate the team accepting the trade.

Once again this is PURELY Hypothetical and thought you guys might enjoy this somewhat out of the box Mock Draft ( Half of one I guess it would be) to spice up the drudgery that the pre-draft season can be. I hope you enjoyed it.

The ShawShiancoe Redemption

Also this is my first Fan Post.

used Draftek's Draft Pick Value chart, you can see it HERE

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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