Easter Mock

1st - C.J. Mosely, ILB
Mike Zimmer has repeatedly said he wants to build with smart players. Well then there isn't a better selection with the 8th pick in the draft. Mosely is a do it all LB, that knows the game like the back of his hand. The more you watch the more impressed you are and now the buzz going around is that he could very well end up being the steal of the draft. Minnesota has been beefing up their D-line, so now its time to throw in a true MLB to make their D more well rounded.
Remember the impact Burfict made for the Bengals, or Kuechly made for the Panthers? You could expect the same from Mosely.

2nd - Zach Mettenberger, QB
Mettenberger said at the combine he thought Minnesota would be the perfect fit for him, and he's probably right. You've all heard the buzz and seen the connecting of dots between the Vikings and Mettenberger. Prototypical passer, big, strong armed, accurate. The type of passer needed to man a Vertical offense. As long as he's proved he's long past his Roethlisberger beer gut, heavy drinking, womanizing days theres no reason for the Vikings not to consider him.

3rd - Jaylen Watkins, CB
Brother of Sammy Watkins, he's also physically gifted. Strong, fast, willingness to defend the run, and alot of flashes, Jaylen has shown with the right coaching he can become a very good corner. Dedicated gym rat, willing to transition to other positions to help his team. Sounds like a Zimmer type of player.

4th - Telvin Smith, OLB
People are very uncertain about when he'll come off the board. You hear he can go anywhere from late in the 2nd to late in the 5th. He has shown alot of ability on tape, but as a classic tweener and only one full season as a starter I imagine he'll slide a bit. He's athletic, instinctive, a leader, has a nose for the ball, and reliable tackler. Watch his highlights and tell me you're not entertained. He just needs to put on some serious bulk to be able to take on blockers.

5th - Dion Bailey, S
Another very smart player, as well as big and fast. He's a team player, willing to do whatever it takes to win. Has been compared to Eric Weddle when he was coming out and to Louis Delmas. He's considered a 3rd-4th round pick but he's also a bit of a tweener, and needs some development (He just switched from LB to FS last season) so I personally expect him to slide like Rambo did last year.

6th - Jon Halapio, OG
A big bruiser of a Guard. He's physically dominant and nasty. Ofcourse he needs some work but Spielman has said he expects to go to camp with a lot of competition at the O-line. This would be a nice addition.

7th - L'Damian Washington, WR
At 6'5, with 33" 3/8 arms Washington has the length you dream of. Has lots of big play potential, but needs to work on his route running and blocking techniques. He's unpolished but has immense upside, and with one of the best WR coaches in the business and one of the best OC's in the business, he should quickly work his way up the depth chart.

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