Vikings Mock draft 3.0

Everyone knows Vikings need a QB desperately, especially with the small window for Adrian Peterson to win a ring. And everyone knows there is no sure thing at the QB position in this year draft. Lately, later round QBs have been successful starting QBs. What those QBs have in common is a great defense and great offense surrounding them. We have Matt Cassel to be the bridge for any incoming QB to emerge years down the road. We have multiple needs to fill to be that great defense and great offense that surrounds our future QB. This is the reason why we should trade down to accumulate more draft picks. In my mock, I just have us moving back and receiving a 2nd round only. If we can receive a 2nd round and a 3rd round draft pick, that will definitely help Spielman navigate his genius. Everyone has to realize Spielman only mistake was drafting Ponder. Every draft pick except Ponder is most likely on this roster making an impact. Loadholt, Greenway, and Sullivan are either 30 or close to 30 years old. So drafting Henderson, Powell, and Linsley would be there when it's time to transition. Problem with teams go from winning to losing seasons is when their best players are now past their prime, they wait to long to fill the position. Jerome Simpson is a wildcard. Simpson will most likely be suspended first couple of games due his law issues. We as fans are not sure if Thielen and Smith can take this opportunity to make an impact for the team. Kevin Norwood has played for an NFL type team and is a great run blocker. He has the size of 6'2 and the speed of 4.48 in the 40-yard dash. If he can be nurtured by Jennings and WR coach George Stewart, he can replace Jennings when the time comes. Sanford and Raymond haven't fulfilled that partnership with Harrison Smith. Although we have signed Kurt Coleman, what are the chances either of the three solidify the SS position that complements Harrison Smith well? This is why I have the Vikings drafting Jimmie Ward. Joyner has the experience at corner, slot corner, and safety, so he is versatile enough for Zimmer to line him up anywhere to confuse QBs. Joyner also has excelled at slot corner, so Vikings fans don't have to worry about Robinson playing slot corner anymore. We have lacked that 3rd down RB who can make the impact in the passing game and in the running game since Chester Taylor left. Brett Farve made a living checking down to Chester Taylor or a draw run on 3rd down in the Vikings 2009 run for the Superbowl. Zimmer likes those OLB who can rush the QB. Along with Barr freakish size and speed, he can be utilize to do just that. Barr 6'4 size and 4.66 speed can be an advantage for defending TEs. Barr does have to improve his strength and coverage skills. Mettenberger fits the prototypical QB Norv Turner likes. Due to Zach knee injury, his draft stock has plummet. Vikings are not looking for a QB to step in right away, so Mettenberger will have time to observe and mature. In this mock draft, I fill plenty of Vikings position needs and add quality at the same time.

Mock draft:

1st Anthony Barr OLB
2nd Jimmie Ward SS
2nd LaMarcus Joyner CB/SS
3rd Zach Mettenberger QB
3rd Terrence West RB
4th Kevin Norwood WR
5th Seantral Henderson RT
6th Ronald Powell OLB
7th Corey Linsley C

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