QB's vs. LB

I have had a long time to watch videos and hear pro day reports so hear is my opinion -

1. Manzel is a glorified Ponder. Inevery film he panics in the pocket and reaches for ONE target or run or throws on film a lucky pass from a scramble. What we don't see is how many of those he messed up on.

2. Bortles played against some tough teams. He has great pocket presence and is not afraid to glance down and find a hole in the line he can plow through. He looks extremely comfortable and a faster Rothlesburger who can find multiple targets. THIS would be my prime target if I were the vikings.

3. Carr has shown that his light feet have no baring on his ability to throw. He too, shows no fear in the pocket and can run some but not as good as Bortles. However, his passes are sharp and on target. Also has the ability to see multiple recevers. Also a positive force in pre game and shows team leadership.

4. Bridgewater, who may acrually fall to us. Confident. Stays in pocket but a little too quick to leave it but, his eyes are open all over the field. Stronger arm than Wilson. If he was the last one remaining would I take him- Yes. I can't say that about Manzel. Reminding you at one time I thought Manzel was THE Man. Let texas have him. He will get manhandled and booed off the field like Ponder.

I think it may boil down to Bridgewater or Carr. If Bortles falls to us I would be doing cartwheels from my wheelchair! Tricky Rcky wants top rookies he can play right now.Don't be shocked to see him move up to get a mid 20-25 pick and grab CJ Mosley. Sure he is a MLB but why not try him out side? I thought Audie Cole did an excellent job at MLB. Look at his number of solo tackles. The kid has instincts but will never be an OLB. If we have to reach and take Mosely,convert him to and OLB -a blitzing maniac with speed. Unless you want to give up a boatload of picks to get Barr. I would n;t mind but lets not lose both our third rounder to do it. Give them Seattles ( Harvin pick) and an early 4th and add another 2nd or 3 rd rounder next year. Salvage that early 2nd pick while we have it. If we have to swap then don't give the entire draft away. This is not a Patterson no brainer. There are some goodOLB's like Tripp from Montana or the kid from Utah. Final thought -Hope like hell we get Bortles, Carr is showing me too much over Teddy but I would call it a toss up. I think 3 will be very good and one great as an NFL starter. One IS NOT Manzel. Don't believe me. Watch all the You Tube Video and game video you can get on all 4. By the way, Bortles did not play slouches. Beat Teddies team, lost a close one to So. Carolina and a win over Penn State.

We can get our QB and quit focusing on MKB. If we grab Mosley and Audie does not live up to his excellent 7 games last year we grab a good one in round 2. There is a lot of hidden talent at OLB this year. Mosley is a guy who can play both ways. Audie made a big difference over Henderson and would have exlipsed his tackle marks and almost did.

Your thoughts. Thanks for letting me share.

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