Anthony Barr's First Game At Linebacker

Anthony Barr has no idea what he is doing in this game, but you can tell, this kid can hit, and rush the passer with elite natural abilities.

The first run play at Barr, he gets plowed by the LT, but he didn't read the play correctly.

The first option play you cansee him explode into the back field, and if that QB was to pitch the ball to the RB it would have been a pick 6 for Barr, instead the QB keeps it for 1 yard.

The next play the QB is lined up in shot gun. He comes unblocked, but the QB sees him, and is forced to make a quick throw. Anthony Barr then is able to avoid hitting the QB, and picking up the penalty. That shows his IQ and awareness in his first game at linebacker. The quick throw also resulted in an INT.

The next option run at Barr, the QB keeps it, runs at Barr who was being blocked by the LT, hes able to shed the block and stop the run for a short gain.

Anthony Barr drops into coverage! he does a nice job keeping the play in front of him, but would like to see tighter coverage in the flat.

Barr is lined up at CB covering a receiver in the slot. He blitzes from the slot corner position, gets around the RB, and gets one arm on the QB, forcing him to step up into the sack.

Another coverage play! Barr bumps the TE, and follows him out into the flat, he covered it well, and the QB made a horrid pass that was almost picked off by another defender.

Barr will never forget this play. He lines up, puts a nice pas rush move on the LT, and uses his speed to beat him, and brings down the QB for his first career sack.

My favorite play of the game for Barr (seriously click this link). Barr lines up as the OLB over the flexed TE, he initially lines up as if he is going to drop into coverage and then blitzes the QB. The QB sees an opening and takes off up the middle, being a running QB he tries to put a move on a UCLA defender with a juke, but Barr comes in and chases him down from behind, out of nowhere, upending him on a huge hit. He doesn't give up on a play and will destroy you when given the chance.

He times the snap perfectly. He beats the OT off the snap and is in the backfield before the OT even moves. Explosive off of the snap.

Overall Barr made some rookie mistakes, but looked great. He doesn't stop until there is a whistle and he will chase you down from behind. He is quick off of the snap, and gets a great jump without ever being off sides. He looked raw, but dripping with potential and athletic ability. He got swallowed up by blocks on occasion, and at other times can shed them and can play the run very well. He dropped into coverage a few times and looked fine.

Bottom line: In his first game at linebacker. He already looked great, and you could tell this kid will become a star.

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