Crazy Scenarios & Dion Waters

Well, now that they have moved the draft so late into the year, I think along with everyone else, I have too much time on my hands. . . Thus what has now evolved to a crazy draft scenario.

With rumors a few weeks ago about the Dolphins and Eagles in a possible trade for Dion Waters - I started to think about how the Viking could get out of the first round with a few holes filled up with as much "potential" talent as possible. We are not winning the Super Bowl next year but we can stockpile incredible young talent along the way.

After witnessing the most exciting draft ever as a Viking fan last year, as far as the number of first round picks we were able to receive, I was going through some scenarios where we could get three possible picks again this year.

If your goal is to just come out of the first round with talent and not necessarily a quarterback then you might like this. But, in either case, the scenarios deal with drafting down and you can still get a QB if you just do a simple move down, which I think the Vikes will do if they have their QB on the board.

First thought, if there is a QB we like is at the 8 spot, I think that quarterback will still be available ten to 12 spots below that. I would love to see the Vikes draft down if they get a quarterback and pick up an extra second round pick. Draft board says that is what a move like that is worth. Can someone trade up for the QB who was available at the 8 hole, sure someone "can", but would you trade up for a QB in this draft class? Ask yourself that question, especially trading up into the teens for a QB when a lot of sources have the QB's going into the 20's - where they felt they deserve to be.

Second thought, I would love to see if the Vikes could pull a trade with the Dopphins for Dion Waters. We need at least one first or second round LB on the squad. If we ever compete for the Super Bowl, I honestly think we need two. See if the Dolphins would trade Waters for switching picks in the first and third rounds. Add up the draft value and you have a late first round pick, basically what you would expect for Waters this year. (Walter Football) Switch 4 round picks if need be as well and see if they bite. With a new regime down in Miami they might bite. With the shoulder injury he had last year, I do not think he ever really got on track and if Chip Kelly still wanted him this year - I think that says that he believes last year was an anomaly. Thus, I would take the risk and see if they would make the trade - that is from our angle.

The Dolphins get one of the premier OT's at the 8 hole and then have a chance to get a fairly good OT early in the 3rd. Heck, give them a 4th rounder if you have to and sweeten the deal. They need offensive line men and I have seen some scenarios where they trade up with Pitt in the first round for an OT. Why not trade with us?

We walk away, in this scenario, with a first round talent at LB and a first round talent at QB - at the 19th spot. Sure there is some risk involved but again, would trade up for a QB in this draft??? Probably and most likely, the same guy who was available at 8 is available in the low teens.

But I am a gambler and more so, I come from the school of thought, just get as much talent on to the team as possible and screw the QB position this year, as I am not overly impressed with Bortles or the competition he faced and the other QB's. I would wait to see how the draft shakes out deep into the middle of the second round, to see who is left and to see if I want to trade up for them. But I am not stopping here.

My third crazy thought, in this scenario, is to trade out of the 19 spot as well. You already have Waters next to Greenway, and jump all the way down to the 27 spot. That is an extra 3 and a 4 on the draft chart. Obviously you would need a team willing to do that. Maybe the panthers. In any case, at that spot, I am now putting up my dream scenario into full fruition here, I would be targeting Anthony Barr. He was a top ten talent who is now slipping big time on draft boards. (ESPN) Pick him up or target him this far down. See how the board starts to shake out. Thus, though I am not done yet, you come out of the first round, with Dion Waters and Anthony Barr as LB's and you put them next to Greenway - guaranteed he has an exceptional year next year unlike the one this year, and you have a young and talented LB group for the future. . . .One that will, at the very least, not cost you games. And one, if they hit their stride, could be a top five unit in a year or two.

OK, I am not finished here. And this where people will gripe and moan because I am first, not drafting a quarterback in the first round and a half, at the very least into the second and I am giving up some draft picks. But, in the "dream scenario", you trade up from the 8 spot in the second to the 28 spot area and target - wait for it - Marquise Lee. Yes, this is for shits and giggles but think about it. I was not super impressed with the receiving core last year, I thought we were one more really good receiver away from having a great unit instead of an average one. Add one more receiver and I think it frees up Jennings and Patterson a bit more and thus you have the potential to be a superb unit three very talented receivers. With Lee, Patterson, Jennings and whoever your fourth reviver is, you have one of the best wideout groups in the league. And you use the third and fourth picks you picked up in drafting down from 19 to the late twenties to move up form the 8 hole in the 2nd round back into the 1st. . . If you look at the draft board, we actually give a tad too much by giving a 3rd and 4th but I am just pointing this out as a way of saying all this is possible for other teams to do because they draft value and we are just giving up what we got in drafting down from the 19th spot in the first place. Again - all this comes into play if guys like Barr and Lee drop down boards a bit.

I say see what happens when you give Cassel a bunch of weapons like that for one year. Add Rudolph & AP and we have the potential for one of the most explosive offenses in the league - draft a QB next year.

In this scenario, you set up the LB unit for years to come, with high upside guys who have proven to be sack machines or at very least, stellar athletes who can make plays. You set up the receiving unit as an elite unit that will give fits to Defensive Co-ordinators for at least the next few years as well. I believe every Super Bowl winning team has at least one or two units that are super elite. . . I believe with this team, even Cassell can get you into the playoffs and from there it is a roll of the dice. Just three wins for the SB.

(Yes, he has to outplay Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick - but that is not that hard if you cut down the turnovers and he can do that, he has shown that in the past in units that were not as deadly as the one assembled here - he did have one good year with the Chiefs. And again, they were not as good as what this hypothetical Viking team looks like. . . And, yes, there was "the year" he had with Randy Moss as well - so he had two good years.)

Lastly, in this scenario, you still have two 3rds left, one for a CB and one for - yes, a Safety. If you want a QB grab one here but why waste a draft picks on a draft that looks like it may have a bunch of career backups in it. Why not wait for next year, heck, with the team you assembled here, you have basically six first round picks over two years. Next year, you can even trade up for a real franchise quarterback. Why waste the picks here. Just stockpile talents and at the very least, gets some of our units at an elite level. (LB & R)

A third round CB and S would have the potential to be starters late this year at the very least or the beginning of the next year for sure. At least they should be. That shores up the back end of the defense as well this year or again, at the very least, for next year.

OK, this will never happen. I realize that. But the idea of having two elite units at LB and R just got me thinking. The rumor mill with Miami got me thinking some more and the notion that some of these guys are beginng to drop led me here.

Enjoy the draft.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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