Crazy QB Trades

Can we draft our QBOTF in this draft?

Personally, I think it's Bridgewater, and then a bunch of question marks, and I think he goes before #8, but I think Manziel will be there.

I think we need to win while AP is still around, that means this year or next, not 2-3 years out.

So here are some trades I think could happen, to give us a QB that's ready to go, rather than working to develop one:

1) Trade back to 13 with St Louis and send them Ponder for Bradford, then restructure his contract. We keep a first rounder, don't lose any more, get our QBOTF, and can use both first and second round picks on defense or guard. The biggest downside I see is the ability to pay guys like Fusco and Rudolph coming up. AP may need to restructure sooner with this scenario.

2) Send 2/8 or 3/8 to the Patriots for Mallett. I'd hope they'd know more about him than the average fan if they were going to go this route, but he may be better than any other 2014 QB available at 2/8, he has prototypical Air Coryell physical characteristics, and he's got three years learning a complex NFL offense.

3) Send 4/8 to Tampa for Mike Glennon. I wouldn't really advocate for this, but if NORV! likes him, it sounds like they're shopping him, he looked pretty decent last year, and it would mean giving up a lot less than some of the other QB options.

4) If the Browns go Manziel or someone they expect to start early, we could send 4/8 to Cleveland for Brian Hoyer. Yes, I know this sounds like I've really lost it, but again, it might be cheap, he looked pretty good before he got hurt, (I was at that Cleveland game last year, he just picked us apart!) and the advantage he has is a full year already studying NORV!'s offense.

5) (My Favorite) With Johnny waiting at 8, trade the pick plus maybe the 3/32 or 4/8 for one of last year's best QBs, a guy who has the size and arm that's prototypical of an Air Coryell offense, someone with great leadership and work ethic, originally an Andy Reid pick. (who seems to know a thing or two about QB performance) NICK FOLES! Chip gets a guy he's wanted to work with since college, Foles gets to work in a system that's more suited to his strengths, and the Vikings get a guy who's already well along in his NFL seasoning and has demonstrated an ability to play at a high level from day one, so we don't waste any more of AP's prime.

I've mentioned this last one a few times, and I know most think I'm crazy, but I thought I'd mention a few more trades that I could envision that might just be crazier, and still make sense.

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