Our #8 draft pick and Marcus Mariota

As we finally lead up to the 2014 NFL Draft lets see a show of hands, who are dead tired of seeing MOCK DRAFTS??!?

Ill wait..............ya that's what I figured.......EVERYONE ONE IS!!!!!

With 2 days remaining till the NFL draft on Thursday, I have been reading on my twitter feed that all of the top QB's have been named to everyone at least once. Have been mocked all over the boards from round1 all the way to round 3. I have seen JFF go from selection 1 all the way down to the Browns pick, they received for the "steal of the draft" Trent Richardson......excuse me while I clean off the computer monitor. I laughed so hard I spit my coffee all over.

With these top 3-5 qb's coming off the board in round 1 and also in round 2, I tend to believe this will be a fall of QB's as Geno Smith was last year. In 2013 EJ Manual was the only QB taken in the first round all while the rest of the pack fell to the beginning of the 2nd round.

Of course our Minnesota Vikings did not have a 2nd round pick because we picked up some guy name Cordarrelle Patterson, that could have and should have been the #1 WR taken off the board in 2013. Although he was not the face of the Minnesota Vikings in his rookie year, he could become the most electrifying WR in the game. He was brought upon the NFL "slowly" by Musgrave himself.....I believe because he didn't want his play card to NOT fit in his back pocket, but only because of the circus of a QB situation we had going on in Winter Park.

That circus has lead me to think about what if any QB we should be targeting......

That question in my eyes has been answered for more than 1 year and his name is Marcus Mariota.

Although Mariota did not come out of college to play in the NFL this year.....the obvious answer is in 2015. Mariota will declare for the NFL draft after this year from Oregon football and be the obvious #1 pick of the NFL draft in 2015. Now thinking about the draft class of 2014 JFF is the comparable QB to Marcus. Although JFF is listed at 6' tall and weighing in at 207lbs, I firmly believe that he is shorter than that. By the words "shorter" I am referring to the way that Drew Brees plays the NFL QB situation.

Lets get one thing straight....JFF is NOT....I repeat NOT Drew Brees. JFF will be looking over taller offensive linemen, looking straight at taller, stronger and more athletic defensive players as well as scrambling for his life, among more athletic LB's.

JFF has the immaturity red flags as well as the red flags of NOT being a team leader as a Brett Favre, Payton Manning or Tom Brady. Although all of these traits could be developed over time, therefor I am not saying these cant, but a #1 draft pick needs to have many traits to be a NFL quarterback. JFF does not have some of these traits.

The JFF explanation as well as the raw traits Brotles has, Carr does not have the down the field arm, Bridgewater does not have the size for a ideal QB, and Mett does not have the maturity level of a NFL QB, this leads me to believe, we need to look into the next years draft for our QB of the future.

That QB of the future........Marcus Mariota.......the one QB that I would love to get in purple. He has the size 6'4", the weight 212lbs,the speed of dare say Joe Webb and the arm that can get the ball down the field with accuracy.

In my eyes, Marcus is the ideal QB that any team would want on under center as well as the face of a NFL franchise. But getting a QB that high will need some serious ammo to trade up. Ammo as in draft picks! Draft picks that COULD and SHOULD be acquired with our #8 draft pick.

Let me lay out some ideas:

1. If MACK is gone (which I firmly believe he will be) trade back with the Jets (Evans) for draft picks #1 in 2015, and a #3 at well as still pick up Dennard/Gilbert/Fuller at CB.

2. Take Dallas to the cleaners with a trade up for a WR or OT that falls all while snatching there #1 or at minimum #2 pick for 2015.....still grab one of the top 3 CB's or CJ Mosley

3. (My Favorite) Trading with Carolina at 28 and setting our 2015 draft class up to be the best in the last 10 years. I am not totally sure what it would take to Carolina to move up to grab a (Evans type of WR) but all I know is that we would have 2 #1's next year as well as 2 #2's and a couple #4's. The VIkings could indeed trade back up this year to the mid round with these picks and still get and impact player this year. We still have Cassel to be our QB this year as well as next to "groom" Mariota

Team Trade back in 2014 draft for our 2015 QB of the future. Marcus Mariota should be our #1 person we are looking for in 2015. We need ammo for the 2015 draft because we will be at minimum 7-9 / 8-8 / 9-7 this coming year. We will need ammo to trade for Mariota....why not trade back this year and load up for next years draft.

TEAM MARIOTA in purple......I can dig.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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