My Last-Minute Draft

It's finally here. Draft Day 5/8/2014.

Is it too late for yet another mock? Almost certainly. But I'm going to throw it out there regardless.

I wanted to go after some specific players that I like, colored by some of the schools that the Vikings have favored in the past, and my estimation of Spielman's preferences (including twofers).

I confess I didn't make it through all of MarkSP18's excellent work, so there's a good chance he's already hit on some of these ideas. This mock includes plenty of trades, which should make him happy. Speaking of which, it was astonishing to me how closely the trade points values worked out. I know the trade chart is just a guideline and not sacrosanct, but still…

I used the draft rankings from Walterfootball, CBS Sports, and Drafttek to estimate big board ranking and did a few sanity checks against a few external mock drafts. These estimated pick rounds are listed after each player.

So without further ado, here is the first selection. Well, no, actually, it is a trade!







2015 3rd(~62)


MIami desperately needs a couple of good linemen, and they don't want Lewan since they are focused on "high-character" guys after the Martin-Incognito fiasco. They will want to jump ahead of the Bills and Giants for either OT J Matthews or OT/OG Z Martin.

1.19 QB T Bridgewater Louisville (W 1-2,C 1,D 1)

Gotta grab by far the best QB in the draft before the Cards do so at 20. At this point, the draft is already a success as far as I'm concerned.








QB Christian Ponder (4.16=70)

S Mistral Raymond (5.16=34)


Cleveland needs a veteran QB, as well as a QBOTF, and this gets them one of the two for pretty cheap. I also throw in Raymond since they also need a safety, and I'd rank him better than a rookie 6th rounder. (I assigned the values for both players at the mid round 16th pick in each case, a practice I also follow for valuing future-year picks). Since both players are free agents after 2014, at least we get something back for them this way instead of just letting them walk.

1.26 CB K Fuller Virginia Tech (W 1-2,C 1-2,D 1-2)

Many other teams are very high on Fuller. It is perhaps unlikely that he drops this far, but it is certainly very possible.

2.18 LB K Van Noy BYU (W 2-3, C 2, D 2)

The coverage LB we've needed, and heir apparent to Greenway.

3.8 RB D Freeman FSU (W 2-3,C 3-4,D 6)

With Toby gone, we need a replacement. This one is also a good blocker and has some receiving skills.








At 4.4, the Jets might want to get another second-day pick and jump ahead of the comp picks at the end of round three. This lets them do so cheaply.

4.4 DT C Reid Princeton (W 3-4,C 3,D 4-5)

Underrated DT for rotational depth on the line.

4.16 QB B Smith Wyoming (W 5-7,C 7,D 5)

With the trade of CP7, the Vikes will need a third QB to develop and to push TB. Smith has a vocal following and seems to have some room to grow. He looks like a decent fit for Norv's QB profile.

5.8 CB/S A Exum Virginia Tech (W 4-6, C 5-6,D 6-7)

A versatile back, he can play either position at a high level. Excellent backup and prospect. And a twofer!

5.14 OL B Stork FSU (W 4-6,C 7,D 6)

Another twofer! Stork is versatile, having started at both guard positions as well as at center. If nothing else, he should be good depth and probably can eventually replace the aging Joe Berger.

7.8 DE B Gardner Stanford (W 4-6,C FA,D 7-FA)

Need to round out the draft with a DE, which seems to happen a lot for the Vikings. Maybe this one will survive training camp.

Well, I will be shocked if reality resembles this mock. but that's my best shot with minutes before the real thing happens. Hope you enjoy it!

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