It sure beats eating crow! Spielman's latest conquest

Not all the news is good today with K-Will spurning the Vikings and opting to sign with the Seahawks after being offered a similar deal by the Vikings, but Spielman scored one for his off season efforts in team building and got the #1 seed in the league when GM's were ranked. Now you might wonder the source and it is on the Bleacher Report but still is is a far cry from what we were eating last week with Evan Silva's bottom 5 teams, talent-wise in the league. It may be the full moon, perhaps the prime number of the 13th in combination with the full moon, but the Vikings have actually received some positive news.


Nothing revolutionary to those in the know. Looks to be another banner draft with two more first rounders this year and both players were highly rated in the draft. Bridgewater is looking the part and pushing Cassel. They added this little jewel as a bonus:

The beneficiary is new head coach Mike Zimmer as well as new offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Zimmer’s forte is defense, and free-agent pickups such as defensive linemen Linval Joseph and Corey Wootton and opportunistic cornerback Captain Munnerlyn should help his cause.

Then not to be out done our own NFL SB Nation threw the Vikings a little bone paying attention to Spielman's attraction to first round draft picks. The Vikings lead the league in first round picks on their current team with 10 players. Of course special note was mentioned on the lack of wins to go along with those first round picks that Spielman has been building through the draft. This is what we have on the team that were actually drafted or brought in as UDFA's.


Round of the draft with the number of players on the team drafted in each of those rounds

1st round - 10 players

2nd round - 2 players

3rd round - 3 players

4th round - 5 players

5th round - 3 players

6th round - 7 players

7th round - 6 players

UDFA - 24 players

This is the off season so it is ok to be optimistic about our team. Zimmer has the players in OTAs and the reports and videos look encouraging. It has been a rough stretch for Viking players and fans the last few seasons. We can see light at the end of the tunnel on the rebuilding process. The team has a good shot at a young and promising QB in Teddy Bridgewater along with talented Anthony Barr. Spielman added some free agents that filled some pretty big holes on the roster.

It hurts a little when a long time All Pro takes a one year deal with Seattle. Two different teams that are currently in different places and Williams felt that was a better fit for him. This is a team that has been going through a rebuilding process and may have made some serious progress this off season when you look at all the additions to the team.

The latest coaches ranking wasn't nearly so kind with Zimmer sitting at #29 and the kind of crap you have come to expect from this type of story.

The entire league smiled when Zimmer, who paid his dues for a long time and has survived personal hardship, finally got a top job. The Vikings, of course, are not good, which is why the job was open. He’s rebuilding a lousy defense, and got the quarterback he apparently was sold on early, Teddy Bridgewater.

How do you rate the Viking's off season progress?

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