What Bridgewater Does In The Weekends

NB: This is not a story about Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow.

We were glad to finally see the Tebow media-mania fade away, unfortunately, it didn't take long before the overexposure of Manziel to begin. It's not Tebow's or Manziel's fault. They're not reporting on ESPN or They're not paying people to write news stories on them. I can't see what's so fascinating about a 20-something year old man doing what most people his age do anyways; partying in the weekends. I can virtually guarantee that a lot of rookies are doing the same thing, but the difference is that their names aren't Johnny Manziel. To make it even more ridiculous, the media is writing stories on how Manziel is exposed and how much of a focus he is in the media. Yup, that's right, the media is not only writing about the man, but they're writing about how they're writing about the man... again and again. Fortunately, we can take comfort in that we are in the worst period of NFL football. Once the season starts, the media will have much more things to write about.

The reporters where asking questions about Manziel's weekend activities and he basically responded that everyone wants to enjoy their time off and that's how he prefer to enjoy his free-time.

Click here to see the interview

The reason I mentioned that interview is because it got me thinking, "what is Teddy Bridgewater doing in the weekends?".

What I have really learned to like about "Touchdown Teddy" is that, besides his football talent, he seems like a genuine good person. Of course, what really matters in the end is how a player performs on the field (as long as he doesn't do anything off the field that prevents him from getting on it). Still, I like that we have an all-around down-to-earth straight-up nice guy (who also takes football very serious) as a potential franchise QB. He reminds me a little about Andrew Luck in the way they both appear a bit "goofy" in person and they don't talk like an extremely sharp guy. Fortunately, that's not an indicator for success as Luck is one of NFL's biggest stars of today. Manziel is good with words and sounds sharp when he talks, he "sells" himself good and it probably helped his draft stock.

Don't worry, this is the last paragraph I'll mention Manziel. It's tragically ironic considering I've already complained about the same thing that I'm doing; writing about Manziel. Let's move on!

If you're looking for an answer to what "Two Gloves Teddy" is doing in the weekends then this article might give you some insight.

I like to play video games, I’m a homebody. I’m not someone that likes to go out. If I do anything I’d like to be helping someone.

- Teddy Bridgewater

One thing I like about the Minnesota Vikings is that they look like a team build on the right type of characters. Typically you'll find some divas on an NFL offense, but not in Minnesota.

  • Adrian Peterson is always humble and down-to-earth. Never demands the ball and always credits his teammates for his success (take note, Chris Johnson).
  • Kyle Rudolph is a match-up nightmare for smaller defenders and screams of potential. Not once have I heard him complain about that or his contract (take note, Vernon Davis).
  • Greg Jennings is a newer addition and as much as I dislike the Packers, I almost immediately grew fond of Jennings as a person. He's a pro's pro, he knows he's a great player, and I believe he's a huge positive presence in the locker room (take note, um... everyone of you WR divas)
  • Cordarelle Patterson is the latest superstar on the roster. He simply seems like a fun-loving dude without as much as one bad bone in his body. Seeing him play and express his enthusiasm on the field is an enjoyment in itself.
  • Lastly, Theodore "Teddy" Bridgewater who is an exemplary team-player. I doubt you'll ever find him drunk driving or doing drugs. He also seems to breath football and you can tell that it's his big passion.

As Vikings fans we have an exciting time in front of us. Not to forget we'll soon have the most spectacular stadium in the NFL... perhaps in the world. I'm excited for football season!

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