Vikings slammed in BSPN Future Power Rankings

Well, we all know how much we here at the Daily Norseman sneer at the sports news organization best known here as BSPN. Here's another reason to turn up your nose at this travesty of a news organization: they ranked the Vikings 26th in their Future Power Rankings (Insider access needed, unfortunately).

Here's how the FPRs work according to the article:

Insider's annual examination of the franchises best positioned to succeed going forward, we had our panel of NFL experts -- John Clayton, Mel Kiper, Louis Riddick and Mike Sando -- project how teams would fare over the course of the next three seasons: 2014, 2015 and 2016. The analysts rated every team in five categories -- Roster (excluding quarterback), QB, Draft, Front Office and Coaching -- and the results were then averaged and weighted to create our final 1-32 Future Power Ranking.

Categories: Roster (30% of the ranking)-Quality of current roster excluding QB, emphasizing young players and devaluing players over 30; QB (20%)-Team's QB situation, focusing on the future; Draft (15%)-Evaluating each team's 2014 draft class, reputation in the draft and number of available draft picks in 2015 and '16; Front Office (15%)-Ability to manage team's roster and bring in new talent via free agency or trades, plus market's attraction to free agents; Coaching (20%)-Capability and stability of coaching staff.

And then from the Vikings ranking:


Roster-7.3; QB-5.9; Draft-7.2; Front Office-7.2; Coaching-6.9; Overall-69.23/100

The overview: The Vikings declined in every category and suffered the largest losses in drafting and the front office. Here's the thing, though: From 2009 to 2013, GM Rick Spielman drafted five players who subsequently earned Pro Bowl honors. That is tied with Seattle's John Schneider for the most by any GM in that five-year run. Unfortunately for the Vikings, they've whiffed at the QB position, and one of those Pro Bowlers, Percy Harvin, is no longer part of the equation in Minnesota. The Vikings' outlook at QB seemingly improved with Teddy Bridgewater's addition, but that did not stop Minnesota from falling four spots to No. 29 in that category. --Mike Sando

My take: Whoa, whoa, whoa, loss in drafting and in the front office? The f***? What the hell are you talking about Sando? Did you even see our draft this year? I know last year's draft was one hell of a draft, and probably one that won't be repeated in a while (that whole three 1st round draft picks is pretty hard to replicate), but most people would say that drafting a potential QBotF with the 32nd pick of the draft is kind of a good thing. Yes, the Vikings have whiffed at the QB position (and Sando does have a bit of a point about how crappy their QB situation was last year), but seriously, when have they ever really had a long-term answer at QB? And commenting about the number of players who have earned Pro Bowl honors? Really? That matters about as much as how many Youtube friends you have. And Percy Harvin has been gone for a full year now, and we have an even better version of him in Cordarrelle Patterson. Get real Sando.

The dilemma: Was Bridgewater the right pick for this team, this offense and offensive coordinator Norv Turner? The Vikings are betting on him being the player everyone was falling over in the 2013 college football season and not the one scaring teams away during the draft process. If they are correct in their assessment, they have some young offensive skill pieces who could make them very exciting the next three years and beyond. If not, there likely will be a new GM in charge of finding the next "face of the franchise." --Louis Riddick

Damn it, who let Vin Diesel write a piece for BSPN? Well gee, I wonder, is Teddy Bridgewater the right pick for this team? Or did they make a mistake in not taking Mr. Swan Hugger? Hmmm, it's such a hard decision.........Guess what Vin Diesel, what matters is what is on tape, not whatever the f*** went on during the draft process. Well duh if Bridgewater busts Speilman is gone, that's kind of how it works. Seriously BSPN, this is the best you could come up with? Really?

The youth movement: Bridgewater is in a great situation to succeed in Minnesota, but how he deals with a lot of cold-weather football the next two seasons as the team awaits a new indoor stadium will dictate whether he's truly the answer. And on defense, where Minnesota was dead last in points allowed last year, Anthony Barr has to become a disruptive force for a team that no longer has Jared Allen to rely on for a steady stream of pressure. --Mel Kiper

OK, who the f*** let Kiper write parts of an article outside of draft season? OK, better question, the f*** let him write a single article in the first place? His ability to deal with the f******* weather will determine whether or not he succeeds? AND FOR F***'S SAKES, STOP THINKING JARED ALLEN WAS THE BEST PLAYER ON THE VIKINGS D LAST YEAR YOU F*CKTARDS.

Personal Future Power Rankings of the Vikings:

Roster (Quality of current roster excluding QB, emphasizing young players and devaluing players over 30)- The Vikings currently have all of 7 players over the age of 30 on their roster, and not a single player older than 33 (and one of those 7 is Matt Cassel, so he technically doesn't even count in this grouping). Looking at that handy PFF chart, the Vikings would seemingly have a top-flight roster to work with, with a lot of high-potential rookies and other quality players filling out a solid roster. BSPN gave them a 7.3 roster wise, I would give them an 7.9, with most of the points taken off for how many untested rookies are on the roster and the uncertainty of scheming for the offense and defense.

QB (Team's QB situation, focusing on the future)-Focusing on the future, huh? I wonder how much the "prognosticators" at BSPN actually looked at the future of the Vikings QB system, which is resting on the young, YOUNG, shoulders of Teddy Bridgewater. The Cleveland Browns, who drafted Johnny Manziel, were given a 6.4 in this category; the Vikings, with a QB that has a much better shot at starting, and is certainly more mature? 5.9. I jump them all the way up to 7.4.

Draft (Evaluating each team's 2014 draft class, reputation in the draft and number of available draft picks in 2015 and '16)- Well, at the moment, the Vikings have 7 picks available during both the 2015 and 2016 drafts, so that should give them full marks (if maybe a little under that due to not having more than 7 picks so far in either of those years). The Vikings had a spectacular 2014 Draft Class, with Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater as their first round picks this year. They also picked up several rather under-rated prospects, including Scott Crichton, potential steal of the draft David Yankey, and Antone Exum, who all have the talent to be starting for the Vikings within the next three years (if not even the next two). And with the relative success of Rick Speilman after he took over as the Vikings GM, he has started to garner a high level of respect amongst draft gurus as one of the best drafters in the NFL. BSPN gave the Vikings 7.2, I give them an 8.1.

Front Office (Ability to manage team's roster and bring in new talent via free agency or trades, plus market's attraction to free agents)-The Vikings have done an impressive job, especially this year, in bringing in talent via free agency with ten signings (Joseph, Munnerlyn, Cox, Brinkley, Johnson, Wootton, Ducasse, Reisner, Coleman, and Cooper). The Vikings (more specifically, GM Rick Speilman) have done a great job in making trades to increase the draft picks the Vikings have, which has paid off over the last three years where the Vikings have selected seven players in the first round. The Minnesota market isn't all that attractive to free agents just yet, but I would bet by the end of 2016, the period that this report covers, with the Vikings having a new stadium and having some of the best coaches in the NFL will make this team one hell of a location to be coming to. It was given a 7.2, I give it a 7.8.

Coaching (Capability and stability of coaching staff)-Well, I can see where BSPN might have a bit of an issue with this category, as the Vikings did just clean house of their coaching staff (and thank goodness for that!). However, the capability of this staff should more than make up for the fact that they haven't worked together all that long. Norv Turner is one of the most accomplished NFL coaches in league history, and Mike Zimmer is one of the best, if not the best, defensive coach of the last ten years. Given a 6.9, I give a 7.7.

Overall, the BSPN grade was 69.23, my rankings would give the Vikings a grade of 77.8, which would jump them from 26th all the way up to 13th, just behind the Rams at 77.85. Now THAT seems like a more appropriate score for this team, now doesn't it?

What might be even more disgusting is where the Packers are on this list: Number. F******. 2.


Roster-7.9; QB-9.7; Draft-7.7; Front Office-8.7; Coaching-9


This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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