Vikings ratings in the preseason world of lists. Where are the Vikings at?

Viking Fans #18 in the NFL by Emory University Sports Marketing Analytics; Team #14 by the editors at Fox Sports; Top 100 players 1 - CBS Sports, Evan Silva putting the Viking's team in the bottom five of the league talent-wise and Ron Jaworski has Matt Cassel rated as his worst starting QB in the league. Go ahead and kick them while they are down as the game is about to change. Now we receive news that the special investigation is complete but the team allegedly told Kluwe that report would not be released. Anyone still optimistic about the season? Read on.

Lists are like lies because many times they simply aren't true. Lists are often put together to stir up a good debate. Don't get to upset by any of it as most if it is off-season media fodder since we are just short of the preseason. It is interesting how the different rankings all hover around the #17 spot. PFT has started their power rankings with the Raiders holding down the curve of suck with the #32 spot. The Vikings are under-appreciated once again with a #27 rating. Not to worry because this is why they play the games to see just how things shake out in the win/loss column.

The hard core Viking fans have been through plenty of heartbreak through the years. Getting past the NFC Championship game has become the new obstacle for the Vikings. There is change in the wind with the new coaching staff, the new stadium and the new draft class which are going to have an impact on the team. This article looks at a few of the lists/rankings that are related to our beloved Vikings.

The Emory University Sports Marketing Analytics team set out to compile the most successful professional sports team fans in the NFL for support and loyalty. The Viking fans came in as the #18 ranked team in the league. No method is going to be perfect but the student team focused on a revenue premium model of fan equity. What does this mean?

The key idea is that we look at team box office revenues relative to team on-field success, market population, stadium capacity, median income and other factors. The first step in our procedure involves the creation of a statistical model that predicts box office revenue as a function of the aforementioned variables. We then compare actual revenues to the revenues predicted by the model. Teams with relatively stronger fan support will have revenues that exceed the predicted values, and teams that under perform have relatively less supportive fan bases. We provide more details on the method here and here.

Looking at how they compiled the data, the Vikings were in trouble right out of the gate and the #18 ranking stands up pretty well considering we have a new, larger stadium under construction. Does being a fan come down to the money side of things? The Viking fans were at a huge disadvantage when looking at on field success with seasons the last four years of 3-13, 6-10, 10-6, and 5-10-1. Numbers like this aren't going to help in the ranking process. Winning would appear to have a significant impact on the rankings. They went back 11 years and built a model to forecast team revenue and then looked at how a team did compared to projections. The report makes for an interesting read as team's strive to increase the revenue and value of their respective team.

The Vikings, as a team, did slightly better placing #14 in the league in a different study conducted by the editorial staff at Fox Sports. The study was based on the concept of what team, a neutral fan would be drawn to. This is what they had to say about the Vikings:

14. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have a unique look with the purple and the whole Scandinavian thing. Plus, they too evoke some compassion, given that they came up short during all four of their trips to the Super Bowl.

The Steelers were the top rated team, followed by the closest NFL team to a college atmosphere the Packers. The #3 spot went to the Browns while the #4 spot went to the Bills. At the bottom of the list at #29 were the aint's* and this sums things up pretty well:

Drew Brees is a nice guy, but he’s not enough to hide the stench of owner Tom Benson, who is a slimy businessman, and head coach Sean Payton, a bratty looking dude who always seems like he’s up to no good.

The #30 spot went to the Eagles (bad fans), #31 Redskins (Name and Owner Issues), and # 32 Patriots with the cheating scandal hampering their ability to rise much higher.

The facts are pretty straight forward for the Vikings, it has been a rough four year stretch. After the 2009 season the team sent 10 players to the Pro Bowl with only one remaining on the team. In the 2014, CBS Sports Top 100 players, the Vikings have one player that made the cut. Even more depressing is the fact two ex-Vikings made one of the two lists. Is this a franchise that is struggling? Probably more than most of us would care to admit. Does the team lack star power? After Adrian Peterson, things drop off quickly from a talent prospective. The team does have several promising young players that could develop into stars.

It brings home the message on how the rebuilding process is going. The argument could be made that the combination of the new coaching staff and recent draft, that this is a team on the rise and it very well may be on the rise. It comes down to wins in the NFL and we all know that wins don't come easy in the NFL.

The anecdotal evidence points to areas where the team is with its fans, the team, and the talent of the players. Things seem to be improving with a new stadium under construction which will give fans a better game day experience and allow the team to earn more money which should equate into a better team. The rebuild was a year late in getting started and the team had to undergo structural changes in management to get where it is today. A new coaching staff looks to be the part with Zimmer getting his first chance at being a head coach. NORV Turner brings a wealth of knowledge as the new team offensive coordinator. By all rights Rick Spielman appears to have the team on the right track.

Espn insiders came out with their quarterback rankings and it is no surprise that our QB (Cassel) is in the bottom tier while Ron Jaworski had him ranked last, at position #32. Officially no starting QB has been named but the unspoken reality is suggesting Cassel will be the starter early in the season. This is the time of year all fans should be optimistic about their respective team (Teddy Bridgewater). How close to you think the current team is to making a playoff run? This Facebook article posted in the fan shots by metalman5050 , has the Vikings ranked in the #17 spot, once again is that pesky number.



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