And Today's Winner for Comment Thread Disaster Management goes to....

The Daily Norseman. Here's how it happened. The Daily open thread was a little late. How late? Ted Glover opened it just 24 minutes before he posted the first Kluwe thread of the day. That thread as of this writing, was up to 322 comments.

That thread started out by a lot of people joking about the danger to come, exclaiming that the thread would be over 1000 posts by the end. But the Daily Norseman staff was ready. At the same time Ted Glover posted the first Kluwe thread, Eric J Thompson posted a thread about Viking Uniform Prototypes from 2003. While this was a good diversionary tactic, it failed, with only 27 comments as of this writing.

As Ted had shown that Kluwe had a press conference set for 11:00 am, Eric tried another diversionary article, a Fanshot, immediately put on the front banner, called Kluwe Press Conference Bingo. There is no time stamp, but as of this writing, it only had 45 comments, while it might have failed to hold back the wave of comments from the Kluwe thread, it did give the fans something else Kluwe related to read.

Then, at 11:01, Christopher Gates posted an article about how Chris Kluwe will file a lawsuit against the Vikings. This effectively split the first Kluwe thread and at the time of this writing, has 400 comments.

Not to be outdone by Christopher Gates, Christopher Gates posts another Kluwe thread at 11:42, this one about a statement from the Vikings' investigators. At the time of this writing, it had 99 comments.

But Mr. Gates was not done for the day. He then posted, at 1:51 pm, a diversionary tactic of his own, an article continuing his series on the Vikings top plays of 2013, this installment highlighting Greg Jennings. At the time of this writing it had only 13 comments.

So, for the ability to know when a thread will blow up, posting diversionary articles as well as new articles on the same overly commented topic, join me in honoring the Daily Norseman on their commitment to success and having a great emergency management game plan to control today's busy threads,

When I reached The DN staff by phone*, they told me to talk to Skoll Troll for their comment**. When contacted***, Skoll Troll told me that the DN knew this day was coming up, but had to "go back and look at the tape" of previous threads to "identify a few things, fix a few things". He also said that they worked hard on the previous large threads, namely any Ponder/Cassel/Webb/Bridgwater threads and of course the previous few Kluwe threads.

So, congratulations to the Daily Norseman, proving once again that a good game plan will manage the site, while still giving the readers what they want!

* I did not contact any of the Daily Norseman staff by phone

** They did not tell me to talk to Skoll Troll

*** I did not contact Skoll Troll

**** Skoll Troll did not comment for this fanpost

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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