Welcome to the Daily Allen

To everyone that's coming to the site looking for the latest Jared Allen trade rumors. . .well, just like a lot of you, I've been frantically refreshing Access Vikings every few minutes for the...

Minnesota Vikings to Acquire DE Jared Allen?

Okay. . .quick disclaimer before I do this here. . .I have no link to this.  It's coming from something that was said by Michael Smith on ESPN's NFL Live.  I'm checking on ESPN's site for some...

An Obscenely Early, Purple-Tinted Look at the Minnesota Vikings 2008 Schedule

Despite the fact that we're still nearly five months away from Kickoff Weekend in the National Football League, it's a pretty slow time for Vikings news. . .so, let's take a look at Minnesota's...

2008 Schedule Announcement Open Thread

Update [2008-4-15 14:16:27 by Gonzo]:Here is the complete Minnesota Vikings 2008 Schedule.Monday, 8 September - Minnesota at Green Bay (Monday Night) Sunday, 14 September - Indianapolis at...

Gonzo Opens Up the Mailbag!

First off, before we get underway with this, just a heads-up in case you haven't been reminded of how great Adrian Peterson is in a while.  NFL Network will be replaying the Vikings/Bears game...

A Belated Congratulations to Anthony Herrera

A couple of weeks ago, Vikings offensive lineman Anthony Herrera officially became a United States citizen.Herrera, a native of Trinidad & Tobago, has lived in the U.S. since he was 14 years old....

Mock Draft Database Updated

If you'll look over to the left, you'll see that the Mock Draft Database is now broken up into three different categories.  The categories are based on the way the folks at HailRedskins have them...

The Vikings Will Draft a Quarterback. . .But When?

As we approach the two-week warning prior to the 2008 NFL Draft, we know the following things about the Vikings' quarterback situation.  Tarvaris Jackson is the starter  Gus Frerotte will be the...

The NEW Round Mound of Rebound?

Remember back when you were a kid, and every once in a while you'd tune into Wide World of Sports and the Harlem Globetrotters would be on there stomping the crap out of the Washington Generals and...

Wednesday Night Vikings Link Dump

Some stuff that I've found while waiting for the new South Park to kick off. . .-The pre-season schedule has been finalized, according to Access Vikings.  The game against the Seahawks will be on...

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