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NFL Lockout Theater Brings You "Dueling Pundits"

One football expert says one thing. . .another says the complete opposite. Nobody knows what the heck is going on.

Where I Breathe A Little And Reassess The Current CBA Situation Again

There is no labor settlement in the NFL yet, and we have no idea when one will actually occur.

Ruh Roh Shaggy...

Rumblings are happening across the inter-webs that players may not agree to the CBA tonight- and worse, that they feel the owners passing their 'yes' vote is actually a way to force them to agree to something they wouldn't otherwise. So... there's potentially bad blood brewing. Again. Suh-weet.

Owners Approve New CBA

The NFL owners have voted on and approved a new CBA with the players. The players are expected to vote on it later tonight. Football is almost here, folks.

An NFL Lockout Mini-Rant: Just 20 More Minutes

The NFL seems to be employing the airlines' trick of making fans wait...and wait...and wait for the end of the lockout.

Looks Like Chris Kluwe Was Exactly Right

The Vikings' punter called some people out the other day. . .and it looks as though he might be right.

No Hard Salary Cap In The First Year Of The New CBA?

There are rumors floating around that there might not be a hard salary cap in the first year of the new CBA.

Vikings Probably Won't Trade for Vet QB

We hear that the Vikings' preference for adding a veteran quarterback will be through free agency rather than trade, which makes Marc Bulger perhaps a more likely option than, say, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton or perhaps Vince Young. The way the team figures, it would rather not give up a draft pick for a player who only will be a placeholder for Christian Ponder, whom it wants to win the starting job in time. Take whispers and rumors for what they are, but this is the same thought I've been promoting in this regard all along- no need to trade for a vet QB placeholder while in a re-loading phase as is.

Stadium Likely, Now Settle Down

It seems that every other day Minnesota Vikings fans have a new reason to wonder and doubt whether it is possible for the Vikings to get a new stadium built in Minnesota. For every hurdle the team clears there seems to be a new one just waiting for them. That sort of thing has a tendency to make me despondent, but, according to my favorite writer at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, we all need to settle down and take a deep breath. Tom Powers believes that the Vikings are very close to getting a new stadium and that getting huffy and obnoxious at each delay is not going to endear the team to Minnesota legislators. It's an interesting read because this is one of the first things I've read that suggests a Vikings stadium is highly likely. It makes for a nice change from the doom and gloom we usually hear.

NFL Lockout Officially In Its Death Throes

The NFL Lockout is just about at the end.

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