Kluwe Press Conference Bingo!


We're under an hour away from the big Chris Kluwe press conference. So allow me to proudly present: CHRIS KLUWE PRESS CONFERENCE BINGO! Play along as the former Vikings' punter continues his crusade against Mike Priefer and sparks yet another firestorm in our comments section.

Winnipeg to honour Bud Grant with statue at Blue Bomber's newish stadium.

Crop_20350291036 6 foot statue based on picture shown. with pedestal will be 9 feet high. "The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will honor the most successful head coach in Bomber history when they unveil a bronze statue of "Bud" Grant outside of Investors Group Field this October. Grant coached the Bombers for a decade, from 1957 until 1966, winning four Grey Cups in that time and one CFL Coach of the Year award, before heading south to coach the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. Not only a Blue Bomber coach but was also a Blue Bomber player prior to coaching: He is the third winningest coach in all of professional football with 290 wins in the NFL and CFL combined; he is a CFL Hall of Famer and a Pro Football Hall of Famer." Not to forget also an NFL player, and NBA player as well. A truly remarkable man.

NFL Super Heroes ?


Why would they make that ɹǝʞɔɐԀ ʎɐq uǝǝɹפ , Clay a Norse God

DN Round 1 Open Threads Word Cloud


a collection of the top 50 or so words from the Thursday open threads.

Clash of Clans for Daily Norseman - Clan Name: SKOL MN VIKES


Hey guys! We have a clan with a bunch of open spots. We are a settled group of 9 Vikings fans that are active, like to work to improve the entire clan, and want to get into some good CLAN WARS! I know that Fanposts don't usually get a lot of hits, but if you'd like to join, we'd welcome you in. Request to join our clan, mention Daily Norseman so we know where you got the invite from. See ya there!

Vikings reported to release Carlson


Do we need to replace him? Or do we roll with what we have? I think I've seen promising things from Ellingson and Ford. I'd rather spend draft picks on the horrible defense if I was choosing. I tried to make a fanpost but that took a million words and apparently I need a random picture for this. Indeed

"War puts a man through many, many changes..."


as of Jan 21... smooth move, Rotoworld.

Don't ever talk about...


just a small list to keep in mind. =)

Invader Zimmer

Let Operation Impending Doom 2 begin!!!! Just a little something I cooked up in Photoshop..
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