Eric on the Purple FTW! Podcast


I was on the Purple FTW! podcast hosted by Andy Carlson Thursday night. We talked for a little over an hour about anything and everything involving Vikings Training Camp and the upcoming preseason game against the Raiders, along with a few hilariously random tangents. Give it a listen to hear me talk nonsense about the Vikings instead of my usual writing nonsense.

Saturday Training Camp Recap With The Purple For The Win Podcast


Di and Ted joined Andy Carlson for an abbreviated Purple For The Win podcast after the Saturday morning practice.

Louis Nix lll: QBOTF!!!


Yep. Draft Louis Nix lll 8th overall this year, he's gonna be a great QB!

Adrian Peterson is Bad At Giving Gifts


This came out yesterday, so if you missed it be sure to check it out. It's HILARIOUS!

VIDEO: Vikings vs. Ravens: SB Nation Game Preview


The SB Nation folks made a quick video previewing this week's game between the Vikings and Ravens. As you might expect, there isn't a whole lot of positivity surrounding the possibility of a Vikings win. The good news? Leslie Frazier can totally play the "Nobody Believes In Us!" card.

Radio Mankato Creates Cringe-Worthy Vikings Tribute Video


So...this happened. In what was surely intended to be a lighthearted and entertaining display of appreciation for the Vikings, Radio Mankato created the video you see here. And it's just...well, I hate to be mean because I'm sure a lot of people worked hard on it. I'm also sure that the city of Mankato truly appreciates the Vikings holding Training Camp in their city for nearly 50 consecutive years. But, I mean...yikes. So just watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments. (Especially if you can make it through all 3 minutes and 13 seconds of "fun". IT'S A KATO-WIDE PARTAAAYYY...)

RGIII's Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops


Maybe one of the strangest and corniest things from an NFL player in recent memory...

Jerome Simpson 2011 Bengals Flashback


Definitely one of 'Romes top ten plays while in Cincinnati. From the 2011 Browns game. HT: Josh Kirkendall (for reminding me how great this was.)

Asher Allen Talks about Life After Football


Asher Allen appeared on KARE 11 to talk about his bible education work and fitness camp, along with some other things he's doing now in life after football.

Great AD video for sufferers of offseason depression


Found this while procrastinating for my American Literature exam (sure beats reading Washington Irving). Enjoy!

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