Minnesota Vikings 2012 Off-Season

Where we put all the stuff about the Minnesota Vikings 2012 off-season.

Vikings Training Camp: Day 10 and 11 Roundup

The Daily Norseman makes up for lost time and does a roundup of two days instead of just one.

Football Outsiders Answers Some Questions About The Minnesota Vikings


We had an opportunity to have the folks from Football Outsiders answer some of our questions about the Minnesota Vikings.

Greg Childs Suffers Knee Injury At Vikings Scrimmage


The rookie fourth-round pick suffered what appeared to be a serious knee injury during the Vikings' scrimmage on Saturday night.

Where We Wish Visanthe Shiancoe Well In New England


Former Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe signed a 1 year deal with New England earlier in the week, and although we're late in getting around to talk about it, late is better than never. Shiancoe was a...

Break It Down: Christian Ponder's First Pass as a Starter


We diagram Ponder's first play as a starter in hopes that this will give us a preview for what may be to come.

It's Time For A Holy Trinity Roundup


Thanks for swinging by out humble little corner of the Internet on a lazy Saturday. The Midwest is in a Vulcan Death Grip of a Heat Wave; at one point a couple weeks ago a 10 day average for St....

Your Periodic Re-Affirmation Of Jared Allen's Awesomeness


Over at PFT, Eric Kuselias of NBC Sports (and hey, when did he leave ESPN?) interviewed Jared Allen about the upcoming season, and the interview was pure, 100% Jared Allen. In other words, it was...

Understanding the Vikings: The Tampa-2 and its Back Seven


Part Two of a two-part series exploring the Vikings Defense. Today, we break down the coverage scheme.

One Year Later, Was Adrian Peterson's Contract A Good Deal?


Matt Forte and Ray Rice both signed long-term contracts this week. Do the terms of their deals make Adrian Peterson's 2011 deal seem like the Vikings overpaid?

Predicting The 53 Man Roster--Defense And Special Teams


Yesterday, we looked at the offensive side of the roster, and today, I want to look at the defense and special teams. So far, we have 25 offensive players identified, and like yesterday we'll be...


Hey, Let's Look At The 2013 Non-Divisional Opponents!


With the 2012 season tantalizingly close, it's never to early to look at the Vikings 2013 non-division opponents, is it? Of course it isn't! Being a powerful member of the media...and by powerful...

Jasper Brinkley declares himself "healthy," at odds with GM, Coaches


Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jasper Brinkley declares himself ready to go for training camp, despite concern from coaches.

Adrian Peterson's Court Date Pushed Back To August 6


Adrian Peterson had his court date in Houston pushed back today to August 6.

Vikings Hire "Scumbag Club Owner" To Speak To Team


The Minnesota Vikings are bringing in somebody to speak to the team about the nightlife of NFL players.

Adrian Peterson Reportedly 'Piled On' And Punched 'Two Or Three Times'


In another twist, Rusty Hardin - Adrian Peterson's lawyer - revealed in an interview with ESPN1500 that Adrian Peterson was jumped on, and punched repeatedly above the eye. Straight from the...

Lester Bagley, Julie Rosen, Morrie Lanning, Mark Dayton To Be Awarded For Stadium Efforts


The Politics in Minnesota group will be handing out the 2011 Leaders in Public Policy awards this coming Tuesday, which represent significant achievements in the realm of public policy by...

And So the Plot Thickens


Adrian Peterson reportedly visits a hospital for facial injuries

SB Nation Thinks Highly Of The Vikings' Defensive Line


SB Nation has ranked the NFL's defensive lines and, as you might expect, the Minnesota Vikings rank fairly high.

Vikings Attend Workout For Supplemental Draft Prospect Josh Gordon


The Minnesota Vikings attended the workout for Supplemental Draft prospect Josh Gordon on Tuesday.

Adrian Peterson Begins His Defense


Adrian Peterson and his defense team have started firing back.

Want To See AP's Mug Shot?


AP update 6,407

Adrian Peterson Speaks For The First Time Since His Arrest


Adrian Peterson is tweeting again in the wake of his arrest.

Adrian Peterson Arrest Video Shows. . .Not Much


TMZ has a video of Adrian Peterson's arrest. Here it is!

The Only Thing I Will Say On The Adrian Peterson Matter


A commentary on the Adrian Peterson arrest.

TMZ Weighs In On The Adrian Peterson Arrest


TMZ has more on what may have happened with Adrian Peterson's arrest.

Different Account Of Adrian Peterson's Arrest Emerges


There's a new account of what happened leading up to Adrian Peterson getting arrested on Saturday morning.

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