Minnesota Vikings 2013 Season

Where we compile everything relating to the Minnesota Vikings' 2013 season.

Vikings' Top Plays of 2013: The Wright Stuff


When a guy beats Richard Sherman this badly, it deserves to be highlighted.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Two Guys, One Sack


Can't go over it. . .can't go under it. . .can't go around it. . .gotta go through it.



One of our favorite plays from the Vikings' 2013 season came in the season finale, and it came from one of the more likely sources.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Moves Like Jennings


We bring you a big Vikings' play from a game that the team actually won. Weird, huh?

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Ford Tough


Adrian Peterson is great, but sometimes even the great ones need a little help from their friends. Even the friends they may not have even known they had.

Top Plays Of 2013: Robison To The House


The Minnesota Vikings' defense didn't have a lot of big moments in 2013, but one of them came in Week 2 at Soldier Field.

Top Plays Of 2013: TOBY SMASH One More Time


Toby Gerhart is now a former Viking, but he gave Minnesota fans one last nice memory before he left for Jacksonville.

Analyzing the Vikings Schedule


Taking a look at the Vikings 2014 schedule, game by game

Gratuitous Pictures To Distract From Vikings News!


The Vikings haven't had a very good start to 2014. Before picking the Wild Card games, Daily Norseman is going to provide you with a pleasant distraction: a summary of Eric's Gratuitous Pictures of...

Leslie Frazier Fired


As expected, Leslie Frazier has been fired as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings


Week 17 Preview And Picks: Farewell


The Minnesota Vikings are bidding farewell to the Metrodome on Sunday. Thanks to disappointing seasons, both the Vikings and Lions may be saying goodbye to many other parts of their teams.

Week 16 Preview: Free To Go (Or Stay)


Daily Norseman checks on the pending free agents currently on the Vikings roster before previewing their upcoming game against the Bengals.

Week 15 Preview And Picks: Not A Fan


Sometimes stereotypes are true. In my experience, Eagles fans have usually lived up to their reputation.

Cassel Named Week 15 Starting QB


Cassel will get the starting nod when the Vikings host the red-hot Eagles on Sunday.

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