Minnesota Vikings Training Camp 2013

Stories from the Minnesota Vikings' 2013 Training Camp

Radio Mankato Creates Cringe-Worthy Vikings Tribute Video


So...this happened. In what was surely intended to be a lighthearted and entertaining display of appreciation for the Vikings, Radio Mankato created the video you see here. And it's just...well, I hate to be mean because I'm sure a lot of people worked hard on it. I'm also sure that the city of Mankato truly appreciates the Vikings holding Training Camp in their city for nearly 50 consecutive years. But, I mean...yikes. So just watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments. (Especially if you can make it through all 3 minutes and 13 seconds of "fun". IT'S A KATO-WIDE PARTAAAYYY...)

Final Training Camp Notes


Eric offers his final views on Vikings Training Camp along with a thorough look at the defensive side of the team.


PHOTOS: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp

Some pictures of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp taken by Daily Norseman writer Eric J. Thompson during his time in Mankato.

Vikings Final Day Of Training Camp Open Thread


Today will be the final day of our coverage from Mankato, everybody. Join Arif Hasan to keep up with what's happening with our favorite football team before they break camp.

Vikings Training Camp Day Thirteen Open Thread


Another day of coverage of Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp, folks. Stop on in and see what Arif is seeing down in Mankato!

Bubble Watch, Post Pre-Season Week 1


There's a lot of guys vying for only a few spots. Who's in, who's out after the first pre-season game?

Vikings 2013 Training Camp: Day Twelve Notebook


Another Notebook!

Priefer, Williams: Still Time For Improvement


Vikings Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer and Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams took the podium on Monday. Their messages were very similar.

Vikings Training Camp Day Twelve Open Thread


Arif and Eric are both on the scene in Mankato for Vikings Training Camp, folks. Come see what they're seeing. Or, you know, read what they're seeing.

Sunday Training Camp Notes


Eric offers his views on the happenings at Vikings Training Camp as the team took the field in Mankato for the first time since their preseason game.


Floyd: "Nothing To Be Scared Of" With MRI


The Vikings' rookie defensive tackle underwent an MRI following an injury in Friday night's pre-season game, but doesn't appear to be sweating it too much.

Frazier Reacts To Vikings' First Preseason Game


Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier addressed the media after the first practice following the Vikings' first preseason game of 2013.

Vikings Training Camp Day Twelve Open Thread


We now have TWO reporters in Mankato covering Training Camp for us, as Arif will be joined by Eric for the remainder of camp. Enjoy, everyone!

Your Full Minnesota Vikings 90-Man Roster


We're going to be seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces on the field this evening. Here's a full listing of everyone on the Vikings' roster to help you distinguish who's who.

Training Camp Notes: Day 9, 10, Scrimmage—Offense


Arif returns to Mankato, with the help of all of you.

Vikings Training Camp Day Eleven Open Thread


What's going to happen in Mankato at the last practice session before the pre-season opener? Whatever it is, Arif will let everyone know about it!

Vikings Training Camp Day Ten Open Thread


The Vikings continue their training camp down in Mankato, and Arif Hasan is there to provide coverage of everything that's going on.

Vikings Training Camp Day Nine Open Thread


Arif is back in Mankato, folks, and we resume the best coverage of Vikings Training Camp on the internet!

Looking At The Vikings First Depth Chart


Not a lot of surprises, but there are a few

Minnesota Vikings Q&A With Football Outsiders


We were given an opportunity to sit down with the folks from Football Outsiders and send them some questions about what they see for the Minnesota Vikings in 2013.

Vikings Training Camp: Day Seven Notebook


Oof, Arif writes this one a little late. But it's here for you to absorb while he goes back to write up scrimmage notes.

Minnesota Vikings Scrimmage Open Thread


The Vikings' annual Training Camp scrimmage takes place tonight at Blakeslee Field in Mankato. Come on in and talk with your fellow Vikings fans as Arif Hasan fills us in on all the action!

Vikings Training Camp: Day Six Notebook


Another day, another (really late) notebook.

Vikings Training Camp Day Seven Open Thread


Arif is back in Mankato for more of the best coverage of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp for your reading pleasure, everyone. Enjoy!

DeMarcus Love Suspended For Four Games


The NFL announced that the third-year tackle will miss four games this season for violating the league's policies against performance enhancing drugs.

Vikings Training Camp Day Six Open Thread


We're nearly through the first full week of Training Camp, folks, and we continue our coverage right here with Arif reporting from Mankato.

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