Zimmer Almost Turned Down Vikings Interview


The Vikings coach was so discouraged after being turned down for multiple head coaching jobs, he almost declined the Vikings request to interview.

Exclusive Interview With Rodney Smith


Daily Norseman talks to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Rodney Smith before their preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Where We Discuss 'Coaching Decisions'


Years from now, the phrase 'coaching decision' might become as synonymous with Leslie Frazier as 'kick ass offense' is to Brad Childress.

Ted On The Radio In Iowa Today


Ted is basically the governor of Iowa by proxy at this point. He'll be on 1490 AM in Iowa yet again at 4:30 PM CT today. Click the link to listen live as Ted joins the Marty Tirrell and Trent Condon "Mouth of the Midwest" show. They'll talk about quantum physics or the Vikings. Definitely one of those two subjects.

Daily Norseman Interview With Bud Grant


No, you read that correctly. The all-time winningest coach in Vikings history and living legend took some time out to sit down and talk with us

How Does Harvin's Trade Demand Affect Plans?


Harvin's reported trade demand comes just hours before the Minnesota Vikings are set to begin free agency.

Only One Viking In Top 50 Free Agents


Peter King also thinks that only one of the 50 would be a "best fit" with the Vikings.

Viking Single Game Tickets On Sale Wednesday. Also, The Holy Trinity Looks Backward, Not Forward. Finally, OH HAI Aaron Berry, Why U No Get a Designated Driver?


Sorry for the late start gang, lots of stuff going on at work. This is essentially a modified Holy Trnity Roundup, with some other news going around the NFC North. First up, let's point at another...

Former Vikings GM Mike Lynn Dead At 76


Although abba7 mentioned it in a fanpost a few hours back, I felt compelled to pen a few words about the passing of former Vikes GM Mike Lynn. First things first: From all of us at The Daily...

SI Hands Out Off-Season Grades


Sports Illustrated handed out their grades for the off-season, and the Vikings came in pretty much where I thought they might be. According to SI: Christian Ponder now has a new left tackle in M...


For Once, Somebody Finally Said 'It's About The Money'


Let's dip back into the PFT well once more. I don't know if you guys have watched it on the NFL Network the last couple of nights, but Deion Sanders did a one on one interview with Brett Favre, and...

Where We Chastise Governor Mark Dayton For Saying Something Pretty Stupid


Governor Mark Dayton, Lifetime Friend Of The Norseman for his role in getting the stadium passed, really said something dumb on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. Now, you might think this is going...

Jim Kleinsasser Is German For 'Hall Of Famer'


One more post before I call it a night, and this is the best thing I've read all day. Jim Kleinsasser, retired tight end of the Minnesota Vikings, People's Champion, and erstwhile folk hero for...

The NFL Came Down On The Saints H-A-R-D


The NFL has ruled on the Saints' bounty scandal, and the punishment was harsh.

Vikings Sign Reggie Jones To Practice Squad


The Vikings have shuffled defensive backs on their practice squad. You may now carry on with your Wednesday as planned.

Jared Allen Makes Peter King's Midseason All-Pro Team; Adrian Peterson Doesn't?!


Unsurprisingly, Jared Allen and his league-leading 12.5 sacks made Peter King's Midseason All-Pro Team. But there's one other Viking that probably should have made the team too.

McKinnie Donates Household Goods To Local Charity


McKinnie Donates Household Goods To Local Charity

He Will Always Be The Super Freak


Looking back on the career of Randy Moss

Vikings Training Camp: When Will It Be Too Late?


What happens if the NFL lockout lasts into Training Camp? The Minnesota Vikings just clarified a cutoff date to decide whether or not they'll head to Mankato this summer.

Adrian Peterson Avoids The Madden Curse


Adrian Peterson has narrowly avoided the Madden Curse, as Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick will face off in the finals to see who will win the "honor" of being the cover athlete.

Willie Howard's Life After The NFL


Former Minnesota Viking Willie Howard had his career tragically cut short by injury, but he uses his experience to teach football and life lessons on a variety of unique levels.

No, Tarvaris Jackson Isn't In Trouble With The Law


Tarvarius Jackson faces two counts of armed robbery, one count of aggravated assault, one count of murder and two counts of felony murder. Thankfully Tarvarius Jackson is not Vikings quarterback...

Failure To Plan = Planning To Fail


Northwestern and Illinois are going to play a football game at Wrigley Field this weekend under some very. . .special. . .circumstances.

Where's Percy?


Percy Harvin's migraines are proving to be a headache to the Vikings yet again, keeping him out of practice.

The Arena Football League Returns Tonight


The Arena Football League comes back tonight. . .YAY!!

Vikings Preseason Schedule Released


The Vikings have announced their 2010 preseason schedule.

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