Under The Dome: A Minecraft Replication


Someone took the time to make a full-scale replication of the Metrodome. Not in the real world, but in the virtual one.

2014 Olympics: Women's Bobsledding Today In Sochi


Today is THE day for the U.S. Women's Bobsled Team, including Aja Evans, the sister of Vikings' defensive tackle Fred Evans. Does the path to a gold medal begin today?

Body Of Kathlynn Shepard Found In Iowa


The body of Kathlynn Shepard, a teenager from Iowa that was abducted in late June, was recovered on Friday.

Vikings Players. Harlem Shake. In A Sauna.


What happens during the slow days of May for NFL players? If you're like some of the Vikings defensive players, you post weird videos of a meme that was dead months ago.


Today Is Veterans Day

Today is the day that marks the end of hostilities in World War I. It is also a day to remember all of the men and women that have ever worn the uniform of the United States armed forces.

Esquire NFL Beer Bible 2012: Vikings A Bit Surly?


What local brew goes best with Vikings football? The folks at Esquire have the answer.

Minnesota's Sports Blogosphere Loses A Giant


We've lost an outstanding member of SB Nation's Minnesota sports family.

It's Mugshot Monday--Amy Senser Sentenced To Prison


Amy Senser, wife of former Vikes TE Joe Senser, goes to prison

R.I.P., Norman Sas


The man who invented the original football "game" has passed away.

Football, Andy Griffith Style


Check out Andy Griffith's famous monologue about our favorite sport.


Happy Independence Day


Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Non-Football Video: English, Do You Speak It?


We have an unusual moment from one of Minnesota's local sports teams for your viewing pleasure.

Another Reason June 17 Will Always Be Remembered


June 17 will always be a bit of an infamous date in the sports world.

Happy Father's Day, Dad


A Father's Day tribute to Dad #Vikings #FathersDay #Skol

Today Is Memorial Day


It is a day of remembrance.

Football Season Is Almost Here--So Is Tailgating


Football season draws closer. So does tailgate season.

Saints To Continue With Bounties This September


Yep. . .even after what happened today, the bounties are going to continue for the Saints.

My Gift To You From My Vacation


Ted is back from vacation, and he brought a gift for your viewing pleasure.

Adrian Peterson And Dwight Howard Offer "NBA All-Star Weekend Of A Lifetime"


Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson has teamed with NBA superstar Dwight Howard on a charity raffle to benefit both their foundations.

The First Sign That 2012 Will Be The Vikings' Year


I've never seen a purple squirrel, but someone else has seen one.

A Time To Remember


We have reached another Veterans Day. Please take a moment today to remember our men and women, past and present, that have worn the uniform.

A Moment To Pause And Reflect, 10 Years Later


Remembering Vikings RT Korey Stringer

A Small Piece On The Women's World Cup


Just a quick take on the finals of the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup.

What Would You Do With History?


An existential quandary for your thinking pleasure this evening/early morning.

Happy Independence Day From The Daily Norseman!


It's the Fourth of July. . .Happy Independence Day, America!

Free Wings For Everybody! Free Wings For Everybody! (Maybe)


If you like free food, Buffalo Wild Wings has an offer you're going to like.

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