Norse Code

Arif Link Roundup and Podcast #31: Slow News Week

We talk about paying college athletes with Bitcoin, Adrian Peterson's recovery, new league rules and answer mailbag questions, as well as provide links to some of Arif's work around the web!

Link Roundup and Podcast #030: Bye Jared Allen

We say good bye to Jared Allen and discuss our reactions to his signing with the Chicago Bears, as well as discuss the NCAA's loss in front of the NLRB and Johnny Manziel's Pro Day. I also provide some links for work I've done around the web.

Arif Link Roundup and Podcast #029—Free Agency

Norse Code hit its biweekly update, and we have #hottakes on free agency, as well as some links from Arif's most recent work—although only one thing depth this week.

Podcast #028: Draft News, NFL Combine, Mailbag

In this episode of Norse Code, the panelists invite guest Vincent Frank, head editor for eDraft Sports, writer for ProFootballFocus and Sportsnaut onto the show to talk general draft strategy and answer questions.

Live Podcast at Noon—What Makes a Great Coach

Norse Code will broadcast live for the first time! You'll be able to call in and listen to what we sound like when we don't have a plan or some post-production that hides our lack of a plan.

Podcast #026: NFL Awards, Super Bowl Preview

A two-hour podcast! Save it and listen on your way to work, or just listen at work (which seems to happen a lot).

Podcast #025: Vikings Awards, Norv Turner

This week's podcast comes a little late, but attempts to cover the Pro Bowl, the proposed Extra Point rule, end of season awards and the new offensive coordinator, Norv Turner.

Norse Code Podcast #024: The Mike Zimmer Episode

All Mike Zimmer all the time! By all the time, I mean for the duration of the podcast.

Podcast #023 (Part Two): Cinci Bengals Preview

We preview the Bengals game and discuss some additional minutia regarding the Vikings roster

Podcast Episode #023 (Part 1): Eagles Review, Mail

We review the Philadelphia Eagles game! Join us as we break down the Vikings' winning performance against Philadelphia and then listen to our most extensive mailbag yet.


Podcast #022 (Part Two): Eagles Preview

Ready for the Eagles game? Neither are we, but we talked about it. Listen here to hear about the Eagles and NFL television deals.

Podcast #022 (Part One): Ravens Review

Dusty and I cover the Ravens game, decisionmaking and plead for mailbag questions

Podcast #021 (Parts 1+2): Bears/Ravens Summary

The podcast is old enough to drink, if a week is a year! Episode 21 is out in both parts, with a Bears review and a Ravens preview, along with some mailbag questions

Podcast #020 (Part Two): Chicago Bears Preview

Sorry for the lateness of the podcast, but we let you start your Sunday off right this way by releasing our Bears preview for Sunday morning!

Podcast #020: Packers Review, Mailbag

In this episode of Norse Code, we discuss the Packers game, how 4th downs change in overtime and the most genius move in coaching history (by Leslie Frazier). We also answer some questions!

Podcast #019: Seattle Review, Green Bay Preview

We've got our podcast up and running, and I'm sorry it appeared here late (although if you subscribe through our RSS feed, you already have it).

Podcast #017 (Part Two)—Washington Review, Mailbag

The second half of the 17th episode is live, and just after the Redskins game. Join us as we discuss the game, what it means and why we feel a little less excited than we normally do during wins—and it's not because we want to tank, either.

Podcast #017: Cowboys Review, Redskins Preview

An early Norse Code to prepare you for Thursday Night Football! We review the Cowboys game and go over the Redskins matchup.

#016 (Part Two): Midseason Awards, NFL Recap

In this sixteenth episode of the Daily Norseman podcast, we hand out our midseason awards, in many cases erroneously. We also recap the league!

Podcast #016 (Part 1): GB Review, DAL Preview

We recap the Packers game and preview the Cowboys game in our most recent installment of Norse Code.

Podcast: #015—NFL Recap, NotW, Wild Progs

We've had some hellacious problems putting together this week's podcast, so we truncated it to what we could save.

#014 (Part Two): Adrian Peterson, Around the NFL

The final (belated) half of the fourteenth episode of Norse Code. We keep talking with Coach Esser and recap around the league.

Podcast #014 (Part One): Week 6 Review/7 Preview

We talk with Coach Esser about the upcoming Giants game and what the Vikings can do, along with how the Vikings performed in the Carolina game. He also tells us a lot more about playcalling strategy and overall str

Podcast: #013 (Part Two): Panthers Preview

In an update to our podcast, we preview the Panthers game and make a number of prognostication sure to fill Dusty's book up.

Podcast #013 (Part One)—Josh Freeman, Free Joshman

In this most recent episode of the Norse Code Podcast, we talk Josh Freeman for as much as we can handle, for a "special" two-hour episode. We also do a long around-the-league recap

Podcast #012: Steelers Recap, Coaching Notes

Part Two of the 12th Episode of Norse Code is up and running! We talk about the Steelers "at" Vikings game in London, coaching strategy, the number of the week, make some ludicrous predictions and make fun of the Packers a little bit more.

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