Hit The Red Zone Channel To Watch The Post-Season Solidify


The Vikings' season is over, but there are still lots of playoff spots to be decided. The late games will solidify a lot of those spots.

The Comcast Week 16 Open Thread: Another Red Zone Day!


With the Vikings now playing on Tuesday night, this is shaping up to be another Red Zone day for Vikings fans.

The Comcast Open Thread: It's A Red Zone Kind Of Day


Since the Vikings don't play until Monday night, we at The Daily Norseman have a place for all our fans to discuss the rest of the NFL's Week 15 slate of games.

Where I Discuss My Vikings Experience Last Weekend


Gonzo got to go to the Metrodome last weekend as a member of the media to cover the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings. This is his experience.

A Few Facts And Figures From Vikings Vs Redskins


A few random numbers, thoughts, and things from today's match-up between the Vikings and the Redskins. The Vikings won 17-13.

The Vikings Red Zone Review, Sponsored By Comcast


Since we must, a brief look back at the Vikings' performance in the Red Zone. . .such as it was. . .against the Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings Red Zone Review, Sponsored By Comcast


The folks at The Daily Norseman take a look at the Red Zone performances of both teams in this afternoon Vikings/Bears game.

And Now, A Few Questions From Our Sponsor


The folks at Comcast would like you to fill out this survey about their sponsorship of The Daily Norseman for 2010.

The Vikings Red Zone Review, Sponsored By Comcast


It's time once again for the Vikings Red Zone Review, sponsored by Comcast.

The Vikings Red Zone Review, Sponsored By Comcast


We take a look at the Vikings' red zone performance once again, sponsored by the good folks at Comcast.


The Vikings Red Zone Review - Defense


We've taken a look at Minnesota's red zone offense, now it's time to take a look at the Vikings' defense in the red zone.

The Vikings Red Zone Review - Offense


We take a look at how the Vikings have fared in the red zone on offense this season. If you're expecting it to be ugly. . .well, you're right. It is.

Comcast RedZone Channel Offering Freeview This Weekend


The folks at Comcast are giving a Freeview of their RedZone Channel for this Sunday's NFL action. Check it out!

NFL Kickoff Sunday Open Thread


An open thread for Vikings fans to discuss all of the Week One NFL action. . .you know, since the Vikings already played and stuff.

Where We Take One Last Look Back At The Season Opener


The Vikings' season opener is in the books, and now we're taking one last look back at it.

Comcast Presents. . .An Exclusive Q&A With RedZone Host Scott Hanson


The bloggers of SBNation had the opportunity to ask questions of Scott Hanson, the man that hosts Comcast's RedZone Channel. Check it out!

Oh, Well


The Vikings lost. Big deal. It's Week One.

The "Blueprint" For Beating The Minnesota Vikings


It was said that the Saints gave the NFL a "blueprint" for beating the Vikings last season. This is a truly laughable assertion.

So. . .What Are You Munching On This Thursday Night?


It's time to decide what's for dinner on Thursday night while you're watching the Vikings defeat the Saints. Talk about it here!

The First Injury Report Of The Year Is Out


The Vikings and Saints have both released their initial injury reports for this Thursday's game.

Minnesota Vikings Sign Seven Players To Practice Squad


The Vikings have signed seven players to their practice squad. Come and find out who they are.

Behold The Minnesota Vikings 53-Man Roster


The Minnesota Vikings have finalized their 53-man roster in accordance with NFL rules. Check out who the Vikings kept and who they got rid of.

Erin Henderson Comes Up With Really Good Idea, Will Likely Be Ignored


Erin Henderson has a suggestion for the way the NFL should handle fines.

And Now. . .The Moment You've All Been Waiting For


Gonzo puts together the comment roll call for the Vikings' pre-season Game Threads. Woo-hoo!

Which "Franchise Quarterback" Did The Vikings Miss Out On?


A lot of people think the Vikings should have "developed a franchise quarterback" rather than court Brett Favre. Where, exactly, do they think this franchise quarterback was going to come from?

Cookout For Season Opener? Awesome!


Chris Cook had surgery on his meniscus and will miss a couple of weeks, likely rendering him unavailable for the season opener.

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