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Want To Know Why Moss Hitting Waivers Was Delayed?


It's because, according to Ed Werder of ESPN.com, Vikings' owner Zygi Wilf was actually, truly considering keeping Moss and getting rid of Brad Childress instead. In this case, Zygi has chosen badly, in my opinion. But I have a feeling that in about nine weeks or so, Zygi will see the error of his ways and correct things.

Childress "Leaning" Towards Starting Tarvaris Jackson On Sunday


Those are the reports coming from Minneapolis, anyway. We'll probably have a greater idea of what Brett Favre's status really is when the final injury reports are released today.

Surprise encounter and photo with Brad Childress


A hardcore Vikings fan shares a story and photo about meeting Brad Childress outside of Winter Park. According to the fan, Chili came off as a really down-to-earth guy. He also tipped off the fan regarding one of the team’s favorite local restaurants.

Brad Childress' Son Charged with DWI


There's still nine days before the Vikings' Divisional playoff game and we don't know who we're going to play yet. Therefore, this kind of stuff is news for the Vikings right now. But look on the bright side--at least I can make a "Wow, he really DID learn under Andy Reid" joke! Wait, why are you rolling your eyes? Come back, I was just kidding!

Gonzo In the Washington Post Again


My take on the Favre/Childress non-troversy once again. Not terribly different from anything I've already said here, but there you go.

Four More Years of Chilly


The Vikings and Brad Childress have agreed to a contract that will keep Mr. Noodle in Minneapolis through 2013. The numbers aren't finalized, but it sounds like he'll get between $4 million and $5 million a year. Not bad for someone who's never won a playoff game. Personally, I was really, really hoping we'd wait and see how this year played out before we locked up Childress for the long term. But what do you guys and gals think?

NY Times on the 'Percy Position'

How the 'Percy Position' drives the Vikings and Peterson, by Chris Brown, NY Times The Fifth Down Blog. September 18, 2009. Sorry if this has been posted already. I took a quick look around and didn't see it. Take some time and click on all the links describing Percy's role at UF. If you only have time for one additional click, make it this one. The sweeps the Vikings have been running and in particular Percy's WR screen TD are literally exact replicas of Gators plays. (Harvin's TD against the Buckeyes three years ago, for example, is reminiscent of his TD Sunday). Up next for the Vikings: the Percy Counter. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2.

We hate Favre in Tennessee, too


Some candid thoughts on the original Land Baron.

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