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Schefter: Jared Allen talking with Bears


If this happens, expect the Earth's orbit to shift slightly...

Jermon Bushrod vs. Jared Allen


Found this article from 2010 on Bushrod vs. Allen. An interesting snippet below, but the whole article is worth a read. Bushrod was flagged once for a false start, but Allen finished with just four tackles and no sacks. In his two games against Allen, including last season's 31-28 overtime NFC championship game victory, Bushrod has held Allen, who has totaled at least 14 ½ sacks in each of the past three season, to six tackles and no sacks.

Jared Allen Attends Rodeo To Raise Money for His Foundation


You never know where Jared Allen will show up next this off season. The Minnesota Vikings' defensive leader has created a foundation to help build and remodel homes for injured veterans called Homes for Wounded Warriors. He recently attended a rodeo in Minnesota to raise money for his charity and took at little time to talk about why this cause is so important to him.

114 Days Until Vikings Football!


114 Days Until Vikings Football!

Broncos beat the Vikings with Tim Tebow passing, now tied for 1st in AFC West


Denver Broncos make their move, Tebow on fire, Haggan steps up, and we go Christmas shopping for Denver Broncos memorabilia in the Denver area. Come join the fun!

Ask A Chiefs Fan - Vikings Edition


yup, we're up and running already, gearing up with the Daily Norseman and Vikings fans as the Chiefs get ready for this Sunday's game at Arrowhead Jared Allen makes his Arrowhead Stadium return, leading the Vikings defense as fans of both teams try to look ahead ... with both teams coming off a loss to a divisional foe, this game is one that both teams would love to win come on over and share your knowledge and love of the Chiefs, and find out more about our next opponent, the Minnesota Vikings

Jared Allen Is A Lot Cooler Than You Are


Jared Allen is holding his second annual Night Ops golf tournament in a week and a half in Arizona.

If We Knew Then What We Know Now


We take a look back at the 2008 NFL Draft and ask ourselves. . ."What If?"

Jared Allen To Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame


Yep, Jared Allen is going into the Hall of Fame in a few weeks. You heard it here first.

Jared Allen needs to bring back the mullet lifestyle


Article and video chronicling how the disappearance of Jared Allen’s on field production has directly coincided with the disappearance of his world famous mullet. Allen’s mullet lifestyle needs to return to the Purple ASAP, if they hope to contend for anything this season.

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