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The Title Track Challenge: Time to Vote


We collected the songs for the 2012 MN Vikings Season Soundtrack Title Challenge, now it's the DN readers' turn to weigh in. Vote for the song you think should be in the top three!

Beating the Boredom, It's Contest Time


As the off season drags on, the Daily Norseman tries to keep things interesting with a silly contest.

Free Agency Venting, With a Catch


The MN Vikings off season hasn't been marked by crazy deals or flashy signings and the fans are getting restless. So the Daily Norseman is giving you a way to vent, but hang on because there's a...

Final Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Results


Even though we cheered for a team that wasn't very good, the Minnesota Vikings fans here at the Daily Norseman have found ways to have fun. And now, the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 is complete.

The Last Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Challenge


The 2011 season wasn't easy on MN Vikings' fans to live through, but with wit and humor Daily Norseman readers have found a way to have fun. Here's the final Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 challenge.

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 11 Challenge Results


The 2011 regular season may be over, but for MN Vikings fans, the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 goes on. The results are in for the Track 11 challenge, so sit back and enjoy some songs for drowning your...

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 10, Ode to a Record Breaker


The 2011 MN Vikings season is (thankfully) over, but the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 isn't. We've just crowed the Track 10 winner, find out if you're going to be wearing the Burger King crown. And,...

Jim Kleinsasser Caption Contest Winner


Daily Norseman readers submitted their entertaining creations for the Jim Kleinsasser photo caption contest. Find out whose caption won.

The Jim Kleinsasser Infinite Playlist and Caption Contest


There were a lot of great songs submitted the Track 9 challenge of the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011--choosing a good song to describe the un-showy, but quietly remarkable career of Jim Kleinsasser....

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Multi-Track Challenge Results


The Daily Norseman fills in five tracks on the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 in out first and, probably, last multi-track challenge. Did your song win you the honor of the Burger King crown?

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