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After Further Review, Zygi Should Have Been A Bigger Jerk


Over at SB Nation Minnesota, I've put together a piece about how Zygi contracting a case of "Minnesota Nice" could end up biting him in the end. . .and what he can potentially do about it.

Ramsey County Residents Won't Vote on Stadium Sales Tax


Just as fears have been ramping up that the Minnesota Vikings were going to be L.A.-bound, the Vikings and their fans get some much-needed good news. Tuesday night the Ramsey County Charter Commission met to listen to public opinion regarding the proposed Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, then the panel rejected putting the proposed sales tax increase before voters on the 2012 ballot. This is good news to the Vikings and stadium supporters had voiced concern that putting the proposed sales tax increase to a voter referendum would delay the project and add significantly to its cost. But, lest the team and stadium advocates breathe too easily, the results of the Metropolitan Council's stadium site feasibility study commissioned by Governor Mark Dayton will be available Wednesday. *Note: After publishing this I saw that site member Premier Cherdenko also posted a FanShot about this. His FanShot links to a much more detailed article. Check it out.

Yet Another Community Meeting to Talk Stadium Stuff


According to our friend Cory Merrifield over at SavetheVikes.org, tonight there is a meeting of the Ramsey County Charter Commission. The meeting is meant to gather public testimony about the proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills. The Commission is trying to determine whether it should vote to put County contribution to the proposed stadium on the ballot via the benighted voter referendum. The anti-stadium folks will probably be there, it would be swell if some of the pro-stadium element in Ramsey County would show up too.

Stadium Likely, Now Settle Down


It seems that every other day Minnesota Vikings fans have a new reason to wonder and doubt whether it is possible for the Vikings to get a new stadium built in Minnesota. For every hurdle the team clears there seems to be a new one just waiting for them. That sort of thing has a tendency to make me despondent, but, according to my favorite writer at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, we all need to settle down and take a deep breath. Tom Powers believes that the Vikings are very close to getting a new stadium and that getting huffy and obnoxious at each delay is not going to endear the team to Minnesota legislators. It's an interesting read because this is one of the first things I've read that suggests a Vikings stadium is highly likely. It makes for a nice change from the doom and gloom we usually hear.

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