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I Hate the Bye Week

We've basically covered all the exciting news involving the Vikings this week. . .that being the signing of Bethel Johnson.  Other than that, the Vikes really haven't done a whole heck of a lot.

Which is good. . .no boat parties, no players having sex in stairwells, nobody getting chased by the cops at 100+ miles an hour.  It's almost been. . .dare I say. . .boring.

This, as I said, is a good thing.  We're not the laughing stock of the league as far as off-field incidents go for once.

So, let's take a look at the Vikes as they stand now, and see what they might be looking at when the 2007 NFL Draft comes around.  Yes, I know it's ridiculously early to be thinking draft, but I've also seen some 2007 Mock Drafts floating around the internet already.  It's absurdly early for those, too.

What units on this team are the Vikes pretty solidly set at?  The answer, surprisingly, is "a lot of them."


Defensive Line - Ray Edwards has proven already that he can play in this league.  Kenechi Udeze, Kevin Williams, and the injured Erasmus James are all solid players as well.  The Vikes may want to start taking a look at a player to replace Big Pat Williams here pretty soon, but I don't know how high a priority they'll place on it at the moment.  I believe Big Pat is signed through next year, however.

Linebackers - Here's a unit that's benefitted tremendously from the presence of Mike Tomlin, and the new scheme he's brought with him from Tampa Bay.  Nap Harris has played VERY well at MLB since coming over, and E.J. Henderson and Ben Leber have both been solid players to this point, too.  Throw in Chad Greenway coming back next year, which is like getting a 2nd #1 pick, and for the first time in a long time, I don't think our LBs really need to be addressed.

Secondary - We're set at corner for the forseeable future.  Smoot and Winfield are both quality CBs, and Cedric Griffin has proven capable.  The Vikes will get Devonte Edwards back next year as well.  The Vikes may want to take a look at a safety early on, however.  Darren Sharper, as good as he is, isn't getting any younger.  Greg Blue looks like he might be the answer for our SS of the future, but they could use someone to groom to replace Sharper at the FS spot.


Quarterback - No need to draft one high.  Tarvaris Jackson is the Vikes' QB of the future, and will (should?) be starting as early as next year.

Running Back - Don't know how urgent or pressing a need this is, either.  Chester Taylor has been really good for the Vikes since they brought him in, and Mewelde Moore, Ciatrick Fason, and Artose Pinner have all provided quality depth.  They might need to look at a FB to replace Tony Richardson, but hey. . .when was the last time you saw a FB drafted in a high round?

Wide Receiver - Ah ha. . .I do believe we've found the weak spot.  However, how highly the Vikes take a WR sort of depends on who's going to be playing QB next year.  There's no point in taking one highly if we have a QB that can't seem to throw an accurate pass farther than 5 yards.  cough*BradJohnson*cough  However, there's no doubt (in my mind, anyway) that this is the weakest unit the Vikings are currently fielding.  If Troy Williamson starts living up to his potential, it will improve a little bit, but this team could use some more talent here.

Tight End - Jermaine Wiggins, sadly, has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth this year.  (Just ask anyone that has him in a fantasy league.)  Kleinsasser, while not much of an offensive threat, is still a pretty good blocking TE.  This could easily be a spot the Vikings look to fill on Day 1, too.

Offensive Line - We could use a RG, and possibly a RT if Marcus Johnson doesn't pull his head out of his ass eventually.  Johnson and Artis Hicks are single-handedly killing this team in the red zone.  The left side?  Yeah, we're pretty well set there.

And that's my assessment of the Vikings at this point.  Agree?  Disagree?

Continue. . ."enjoying" the bye week.  Man, we can't even laugh at the Packers this week, because they're off today, too.  I might even have to leave the house today.  On a Sunday.  Blech.