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Screwed by Denny Green. . .Again. . .

Last night, I watched an NFL coach spend 3 quarters of a football game attempting to run out the clock.  The Arizona Cardinals. . .the Arizona FREAKING Cardinals. . .had two different 20-point leads on the Bears, and somehow managed to lose the football game when Neil Rackers shanked a chip shot field (or what should have been, for him) with under a minute left in the game.

To me, this proves a few things, all of which are intertwined. . .

  1. The Bears can be beaten, and will be beaten at some point.  Anyone that's still thinking 16-0 after that performance needs to be drug tested.
  2. The Vikings' performance against the Bears was NOT a fluke.
  3. The Vikings are still the best team the Bears have played this year.
  4. The NFC North divisional race isn't over yet.  Not by any stretch.
  5. Denny Green still can't get it done in a pressure situation.  Hey, Denny. . .Marty Schottenheimer called and said you were too conservative in that 4th quarter.
Hopefully, at some point over the course of the week, I'll be able to get together with the folks over at Field Gulls for a look at this weekend's Poison Pill Bowl between the Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks.

No more bye weeks for the rest of the year. . .hooray!!