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This One's For the Girls

(Yeah. . .try getting THAT song out of your head now. I dare you.)

The Daily Norseman, as well as the rest of SBNation, welcomes a unique new blog to the site, that being futbolgoddess and The Football Monologues. While it's just getting underway, I'm sure that it will soon turn into a site for women that love football and the men that love them.

And the women that don't understand football, and the men who love them, too.

And the women that hate the fact that their fathers, boyfriends, and/or husbands spend the better part of their weekends from September to January parked on their asses on the couch in front of the television, surrounded by empty beverage containers and food remnants, screaming themselves into near cardiac arrest about something he has no real control over. . .and the men who love them, too.

Okay, maybe that last one. . .not so much. But if you happen to fall into one of those first two groups (or know someone that does), please be so kind as to direct them to futbolgoddess at The Football Monologues.