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Anonymous Comments Off and A Good Laugh

I've turned off Anonymous Comments for now.  Reason being that a spambot seems to be making its way around SBNation, and since I don't feel compelled to delete advertisements for porn and erectile dysfunction medication, I'm simply turning off anonymous comments.  If you want to make a comment, register an account.  It takes maybe two minutes, and probably not even that long.

And, for fun, here's a nice little article about every Viking fan's favorite announcer, Joe Buck.

Perhaps seeking to bludgeon their viewers with a one-two punch of smarmy condescension and verbal incontinence, Fox teamed the arrogant Buck with the moronic Tim McCarver. How this unholy union didn't cause an immediate collapse of Earth's gravitational field, forming a black hole of suckiness, we will never know.
In the immortal words of American philosopher Homer J. Simpson. . ."It's funny because it's true!"