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Requiem for an Ass Kicking

Last night, we were all "treated" to the best team in the NFL walking into the Metrodome and proceeding to, if I may borrow a phrase, check the Vikings directly into the Smackdown Hotel.  (Right on the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive, if you're looking to make holiday travel plans.)

We learned last night that Brad Childress is in nowhere near the same class as Bill Belichick when it comes to coaching.  Might he reach that level some day?  Possibly. . .but as of 31 October 2006, he's nowhere close.  Everything that the Vikings tried, the Patriots had the right answer for.

The big test for this team is how they're going to respond to this whooping.  This is the first real beatdown the Vikings have experienced this year.  Under Tice, this would be grounds for the entire team going into the tank.  I'm hoping for more from the Childress regime.

Some observations from last night:

Brad is bad.  Real bad.

Brad Johnson, in his latest Vikings' stint, has started 16 games. . .a full season's worth for the Vikings.  Here are the numbers he's put up in that time:

-Touchdowns = 16
-Interceptions = 11
-Fumbles = 10
-Fumbles Lost = 4

(Thanks to bigbone062 at Purple Thoughts for putting together those numbers.)

So in a full season's worth of work, Brad Johnson has a grand total of one more TD than he has turnovers.  THIS season, he has 4 TDs and (now) 9 turnovers.  Funny. . .the LAST guy we had in here at quarterback put up similar numbers before he got run out of town, and a lot of people wanted him. . .well, run out of town.  As anyone that reads this blog knows, I was (and still am) a big fan of our former quarterback, and have gotten over being angry that he got shipped out of town.  I'm now MORE ticked off that we didn't take better steps to replace him.

But wait. . .there's more!

-In 7 out of 16 games, Brad has accounted for exactly zero touchdowns.
-In 7 out of 16 games, a Brad Johnson-led offense has been outscored by either the Minnesota defense, special teams, or a combination of the two.
-In 10 out of 16 games, Mr. "Game Manager" has had at least one turnover.

That's pretty sad.  And all we have behind him is Brooks Bollinger and Tarvaris Jackson.

I remember when people laughed at the pre-season article that said the Vikings had the second-worst QB situation in the league.  A lot of people told me that they thought those guys were way off.  It appears as though they might have been. . .they may have ranked us one spot too high.

Which brings me to my next point. . .

Start the T-Jack era

Seriously, I mean this.  Our next 4 opponents have a combined record of 7-22.  The best I think we have to look forward to is squeaking into a wild card spot, followed by an ass kicking similar to the one we saw last night, only on the road.

This team should start Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback. . .starting this Sunday in San Francisco.  At this point, he certainly couldn't be any worse than Brad Johnson.  Sure, he's going to have some growing pains. . .but if he's supposed to be this team's starter NEXT year, this is the time to get him some game action.  We don't want to throw him straight into the fire at any point.

Hell, at least work him in like the Titans did with Vince Young.  Do something.  Do anything.  Because this offense is terrible.

Marcus Johnson is horrible.  He's awful.  He's horri-awful.

Brooks Bollinger came in and got sacked on three straight plays last night. . .all three times by guys that ran right over Marcus Johnson.  The guy's a liability at right tackle, and gets whooped on a fairly regular basis.  The right side of the line (Johnson and Artis Hicks) need to develop some consistency. . .our entire offense can't be based on running to the left.  Although with what we're paying the left side of the line, maybe it should be.

The defense is still not that bad

Not every NFL team has Tom Brady at QB and Bill Belichick coaching it.  Sure, the Vikings are going to see a lot more spread formations from opposing teams now.  Not everyone has the players to execute it the way New England did last night.  Sort of how San Francisco thought they were going to head into Chicago with the same "short passing" approach that the Cardinals went at the Bears with.  The Niners were down 41-0. . .AT THE HALF.

The scheme doesn't mean squat if you don't have the personnel to run it.

That's all for now, folks. . .have a good rest of your Monday.