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It's Funny Because It's True

If any of you are familiar with The Brushback, it's sort of like The Onion, only more or less exclusive to sports.

(If you don't know what The Onion is. . .well, shame on you.)

Anyway, check out their headline in the upper-left hand corner.  It doesn't actually link to a story, but for a "newspaper" that's supposed to be humorous, it's a pretty accurate headline:

Brad Johnson Now Considered Vastly Overpaid

They're right. . .I haven't seen a lot of articles demanding a raise for Brad Johnson lately.  I'm not sure why that is.  Wait, yes I am. . .it's probably because he's a horrible QB.

Actually, I'm wondering if there's any way a deal could be worked out in which Brad Johnson gives money back to the Vikings.  Would certainly set a precedent, wouldn't it?