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You Know What Hurts?

Admitting you were wrong about something.  Particularly when that thing you're wrong about concerns your team's chief rival.

Last night, I mentioned that I thought the Packers were the worst and least talented team in the league.  A great deal of my saying that was me trying to you, the reader, as well as myself a little psyched for Packer week. . .something that, alarmingly, took a great deal of effort to accomplish this season.  This is the first year I can remember not being able to really "get up" for a game against the Packers.

(And allow me to just head off the inevitable Viagara/Levitra/Cialis jokes right now.  That's NOT what I mean.)

Don't get me wrong. . .I still love my team and will faithfully watch every game (considering what DirecTV charges for the NFL package, you're damn right I'll watch every game), but for some reason I'm just not getting as excited for each game as I have in years past.  I don't know if it's a hangover effect from my favorite player not being on the team any more. . .I don't know if it's this team's style of play that's basically putting me to sleep. . .but it's something, and I don't think I necessarily like it.

But anyway, back to my point. . .the Green Bay Packers are, quite simply, a much better team and a much more talented team than I had previously given them credit for.  Hell, they were clearly the better team today.

And at least they have some kind of direction.  Can anyone definitively say that they know where the Vikes are headed from here?  Not just for the rest of this season, but for the long term?

I think it'll be nothing short of a miracle if Brad Johnson is anywhere near this team next season.  He shouldn't be anywhere near this team next season.  He's been terrible from the word "go" this year.  That being said, is Tarvaris Jackson going to be ready to take over next year?  If not, what do we do then?  Brooks Bollinger isn't the answer in anyone's estimation.

Is the offensive line eventually going to start earning their paychecks?

Are we going to have any wide receivers that are worth a damn next season?  (Although with every game we play, we get closer to Calvin Johnson territory. . .I can't imagine how great it'd be to have him in purple.)

I think, before I end this particular rant, I'd like to commend Brad Childress.  Coach Childress has managed to take a team that was 9-7 last year and competing for a playoff spot until the last couple weeks of the 2005 season. . .and turn them into a complete joke that could just as well mail in the rest of the 2006 season and start preparing for 2007.

Gah, I'm still sickened by this whole development.