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NFL Owns Up to Bad Calls

According to Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The NFL admitted to the Vikings that two crucial penalties called against receiver Travis Taylor were wrong, the receiver said Monday.

Taylor has been penalized four times this season, including three on third downs and another that negated a 65-yard touchdown reception by running back Chester Taylor in San Francisco.

After the Vikings requested a second opinion from the NFL, the league determined that two of the calls were wrong, Travis Taylor said.

"It doesn't do me any good now," he said. "It's very frustrating, knowing that those plays could have kept a drive going or put points on the board. We win 10-9 in San Francisco, and in Buffalo, it was a third and 4. So we didn't get a first down, and we had to settle for a field goal."

An NFL spokesman said the league does not comment on such matters, saying it does not disclose conversations with team officials.

The Vikings lost to the Bills 17-12 and a week later lost to the 49ers 9-3.

Against the Bills, Taylor caught a 5-yard pass. But officials penalized him for offensive pass interference, ruling he pushed off against linebacker Keith Ellison. Instead of first and 10 from the Bills' 13-yard line, the Vikings faced third and 14 from the Bills' 28.

Against the 49ers, Chester Taylor caught a swing pass from quarterback Brad Johnson late in the third quarter and outran several defenders for a 65-yard touchdown. But Travis Taylor was flagged for an illegal block against 49ers linebacker Brandon Moore.

That was the wrong call, the NFL told the Vikings.

"What are these refs looking at?" Taylor said. "Do they know the rules? I mean, if they don't know the rules, then why are you out there (refereeing) the game? But I'm not going to blame it on them."

Given the trend, that's why Taylor found it fitting he was called for a penalty after he caught a 13-yard pass on third down Sunday against Green Bay.

As he protested the call -- Taylor ran his defender, cornerback Charles Woodson, into receiver Troy Williamson -- Taylor was flagged by the officials. It was a fitting conclusion.

"I've been getting some bad calls this year," Taylor said. "I don't know what the deal is. I don't know if they got it out for me."

Taylor also was flagged for offensive pass interference after an 8-yard catch on a third-down play against the New England Patriots in the second quarter. The Vikings punted two plays later, after the 10-yard penalty.

Yeah, thanks a ton.  Seriously, why do they bother to do this crap now?

"Dear Vikings,

We're sorry we screwed up during a game a couple of weeks ago and made a call that directly contributed to your team's loss.  Our bad.

The Referees from the Minnesota/San Francisco Game

P.S. - No, you can't have the win, even though you should have gotten it anyway."

Have the referees apologized to any team more frequently over the past couple of years than the Minnesota Vikings?  Maybe the officials should just stop being so crappy. . .you'd think that would be easier on them.