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Open Thread, Dolphins at Vikings

Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins

Dolphin Stadium

Miami, Florida

Feels so weird to not call it "Joe Robbie Stadium."

This is Minnesota's first trip to Miami since 1988, the second year that Joe Robbie Stadium was in existence, with the Dolphins playing their home games at the Orange Bowl prior to that.  On that trip to Miami, the Vikings lost 24-7 on their way to an 11-5 season.  The Dolphins scored the first 24 points in that one, with the Vikings getting only a Carl Lee interception return for a touchdown long after the game had been decided.

Had I gotten around to doing my Vikings Flashback this week (and I apologize for not doing so), it probably would have been about the last time the Vikings and Dolphins met at all.  Back in 2002, with the Dolphins at 9-5 and looking at a playoff berth, they came into the Metrodome to face the 4-10 Vikings, who were coming off a highly emotional victory at New Orleans (that was the game where the Vikes scored a touchdown to pull themselves within one point of the Saints, and rather than kick the extra point and go into OT, Mike Tice decided to go for 2, with Daunte Culpepper taking in a QB draw for the winning score).

The one image I truly remember from that game was Gary Anderson, a spritely young 43 years old at the time, coming out to attempt what would be the go-ahead field goal from 53 yards out.  Vikings legend Cris Carter, who was in the midst of his one season in Miami, was running up and down the sidelines, screaming about how Anderson "couldn't kick it that far."

Well, Anderson did, indeed, kick it that far. . .and the look on Carter's face was priceless.  Damn shame that I can't find a picture of it.

Unfortunately, I don't see the Dolphins needing a last-second field goal to win this one.  The Dolphins are playing good football, and the Vikings aren't.  Generally not a recipe for success.

Gonzo's Final Score Prediction:  Dolphins 20, Vikings 13

Here's hoping I'm wrong.  I'm pretty sure that this is the first time this season I've picked the Vikings to lose outright.