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Just Blog, Baby

We've got another new blog here at SBNation, and with it comes another division that has 3/4 of its teams represented in the race to become our first fully loaded NFL division.

Silver and Black Pride is SBNation's new home for Oakland Raiders football news and views. Everyone welcome "saint," a rather ingominious name for a Raider fan. . .just kidding, saint. . .to SBNation.

So now we have 5 divisions with 3 different teams represented. . .the NFC North, NFC East, AFC North, AFC South, and AFC West. In order to try to get us to be the first SBNation division that's fully represented, I've actually been. . .blech. . .recruiting Packer fans to try to fill the one void in the NFC North's representation. Hopefully we can get that taken care of sooner rather than later.

That also brings the total number of NFL blogs here at SBNation to an even 20. . .9 NFC teams, 10 AFC teams, and our all-purpose, women-centric football site, The Football Monologues. We're getting closer to having the entire NFL represented here at SBNation. . .woo-hoo!