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I Can't Say It Any Better

The Pacifist Viking, whose blog you can find linked on the right-hand side of the page here, has put up a post about the Green Bay Packers that sums up my feelings about them almost perfectly.  Since it is Packer week, why not give everyone else an opportunity to read it, too?

Here it is.

I say "almost perfectly" because I know there are some Packer fans out there that aren't the same as the Packer fans that PV describes in his post here.  Hell, there's a Packer board I post to on a fairly regular basis, because they're very intelligent (by and large) and can talk about football without busting out with "TEH VIQUEENS ARE TEH SUCK LOLOLOL!!!!!111!!11!!ONE!!" every five minutes.

But I also know the folks that populate that board are the exception. . .not anything close to the rule. The rule is, more or less, the type of fan that Pacifist Viking describes in said post.

So yes. . .go check out PV's post. . .and the rest of the blog as well.