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Got Some Catching Up To Do

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, folks. . .rather than going into details, let's just get caught up on everything that's gone on with the Vikings this week.

Maybe He Should Catch With His Head

Apparently Troy Williamson caught a punch in the face at a charity event hosted by Darren Sharper.  First damn thing he's caught all year, if my memory serves me correctly.  Anyway, the Vikings said they weren't going to discipline him for his actions off the field. . .but they did discipline him for his actions ON the field, officially demoting him to #5 on the depth chart behind Travis Taylor, Marcus Robinson, Billy McMullen, and Bethel Johnson (not necessarily in that order).  Coach Brad Childress was quoted as saying "when you're the #7 pick, you need to be able to catch the football."

Gee. . .you suppose?

Now I Ain't Sayin' She's a Gold Digger

Shortly after the Williamson incident saw the light of day, it was also said that there was an "incident" at the home of Vikings CB Fred Smoot.  A woman said that the incident took place at approximately 4 am, and that the assault was non-sexual in nature.

This surprised me when I read it. . .usually Smoot can be found 12-15 yards away from anything he's trying to cover.  Although I guess the fairer sex presents a bit less of a challenge than your average NFL wide receiver.

Of course, this is all moot, as it was later announced that nobody was going to be charged with anything in relation to the incident.  Translation:  "Girl tries to make a buck, girl can't present anything remotely resembling proof, story becomes non-story."

Fat Pat Up, Then Down, Then Up Again

Over the course of the past couple of days, Pat Williams' injury status has changed approximately 37 times.  Today, he was upgraded back to "questionable" after being downgraded to "doubtful" on Thursday.

Make no mistake. . .Pat Williams will play.  And, unless he had one of his legs amputated, he'll go about his normal business of pimp-slapping Olin Kreutz from one side of the field to the other, just like he's done the last couple of times the Bears and Vikings have gotten together.  Nobody's run the ball on Minnesota all season. . .and there's no reason to think the first time will come this Sunday.

Rexy Runs His Mouth

Rex Grossman, who back in Week 2 was declared to be the single greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League EVER (and still is, if you ignore what he's done since), apparently didn't like the fact that a player that's accomplished more on the NFL level than Grossman and his overrated ass will likely ever accomplish said some mean things to him the last time the Bears and Vikings met.

Grossman said that Vikings S Darren Sharper had the NERVE. . .the GAUL. . .to talk trash to Rex Grossman during the Week 3 meeting between these two teams.  Trash talking in the National Football League. . .you've got to be kidding me.  Next someone's going to tell me that there are NFL players that use illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, too.

That's all for now, folks.  If you look at the diaries on the side there, you'll see we've reached a milestone of sorts. . .our first ever troll from an opposing team!  I'm not sure whether to be honored, saddened, or sickened. . .probably some of each.

I'm happy I haven't seen any Viking trolls on any other SBNation sites.  Very nice to know that we're above that sort of behavior.  Not that we have anything to troll about. . .then again, if you've watched the last month or so of football, neither do the Bears.

Anyway, keep enjoying your weekend, everyone.