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Looking to Serve You Better

Yes, I went Jerry Maguire there.  It's rather appropriate for the theme of this particular post.

Besides. . .you know damn well I had you at hello.

But, in any event, I've noticed in recent days and weeks (and, well, since the site has existed) that the site hasn't had a whole lot of interaction taking place.  This will not do.  Not at all.

See, folks, while I'm the man behind the curtain when it comes to this humble little website, it isn't really MY website.  It's OUR website.  I know that there are a lot of outstanding Vikings sites out there, what with Vikings fans being the greatest fans in the known universe and all. . .but I want this site to be one of the main gathering places for Vikings fans across the internet.  Yes, I bring you Vikings news from across the web from my perspective.  But when it comes to those news stories, I would love to hear more from some of you as well.

This thread is meant to be interactive.  And since we're up to about 60 members and are rapidly charging to the 10,000 hit mark (which, unless I miss my count, we should hit shortly after the New Year), I know you're out there.

So, what I'm asking for here is feedback from you, the Purple community.  What do you want to see here to make your DN experience more enjoyable?  If you've been lurking and want to throw in some suggestions, the link to register an account is right over there in the upper right.  If you have an account, feel free to throw in your $2 Canadian ($.02 American) into the pot as well.

Indeed, folks. . .help me help you.  Help ME. . .help YOU.