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Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

In a post below, someone was looking for an update on how Chad Greenway's doing.

Apparently someone at ESPN was wondering the same thing. . .so, they put a big ol' article on him up on their website.

If it's any consolation to #52, I wish he was somewhere in the middle of the Vikings' defense right now, too.  But. . .and I never thought I'd be saying this after the last few years. . .with as well as our linebackers are playing right now, where would we put him?

He couldn't replace Harris in the middle, I don't think. . .and I certainly don't think you could bench Ben Leber or E.J. Henderson for him at this point.  But right now he'd provide some outstanding depth if he was healthy.

Greenway is going to be another interesting component for next season's Minnesota defense.